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Beauty. Tranquility. Colour. Texture. Style.

What’s the very latest trend in Gardening? Fusion Gardening®.

Fusion Gardening® blends the luxury of a traditional garden with exciting elements of colour, texture and water-retaining features. Fusion is a new way to update or entirely redesign the look and feel of your landscape with a fascinating variety of plants and creative touches matched to your property’s contours and light/shade possibilities.

Why consider Fusion Gardening® for your property?

Here are five reasons:

A fusion garden can be an extension of your home - not just an adornment. Fusion is like horticultural architecture. Its contemporary look emphasizes the vivid textures, bursts of punctuating colour, interesting fragrances and innovative water features. With this wide palette you can create outdoor living spaces and serene sanctuaries, not merely ornamentation.

You can make a very distinctive creative statement. Pride in garden is important for many people, whether they do it themselves or have professionals beautify their property. Often, we plant the same reliable gardens year after year. Fusion Gardening® is a way to mix it up, partially or dramatically to make a fresh, distinctive statement.

Many fusion plants are not only beautiful but fragrant and hearty. Ask your Fusion Gardening® expert about the possibilities.

It’s more affordable. Fusion Gardening® is a triple win, whether you are doing the labour yourself or paying landscapers by the hour. It reduces the labour of planting through the use of well-placed perennials, shrubs, and trees. It reduces the labour of maintenance through the use of mulch, low-lying creepers, and permeable pavers and wood. It reduces the use of our drinking water by using less-demanding species, well placed plants and various water-retaining features. Why not save money while creating something spectacular?

There’s strong local expertise. Several prominent local garden centres now specialize in Fusion Gardening®. Not only can they advise you on what’s possible for your property, some can design to suit the terrain, then plant and maintain your Fusion garden for you.

Who can help?

Please contact these local Fusion Gardening experts to learn more:

Water Smart Irrigation Professionals (WSIP)

One of the first steps to a fusion garden is determining the right amount of water for your landscape.  If you already have an irrigation system, consider contacting a Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) to have them assess and optimize your system.

WSIP Certified professionals can provide you with a customized watering schedule that fits your needs to ensure that your garden is getting the proper amount of water. This will help keep your plants healthy and beautiful which in turn, helps increase curb appeal.

Beautiful Plants, Less Water

Fusion Gardening® is a trademark of the Regional Municipality of Peel – used with permission

Fusion,garden,gardening,landscape,design,landscaping The Regional Municipality of York en-US Fusion Gardening Fusion Gardening is a fresh way to express yourself and beautify your property. Create your own brilliant mix of colours and textures with less effort and low maintenance.

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