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Greener Home and Garden Seminars

Free seminars to live healthier and happier

The 2016 Greener Home & Garden Seminar Series has ended for the year.

We would like to thank our residents and guest speakers for helping make our 2016 seminar series a great success.

York Region continually strives to improve our programs and services for residents. As such, throughout 2017, we will assess the seminar series format to better determine the direction of this program. Please continue to use this webpage as a source of information for speaker engagements, program announcements and partner events. Also, please continue to visit our booths and displays at public events throughout York Region.

Once again, thank you for your interest and support and make sure to stay connected with us by joining our Splash e-newsletter.


Greener,Home,Garden,Seminars,Gardening,Water for Tomorrow,events,environment,rain barrel,water,recycling,spring cleaning,lawn,yard,plants The Regional Municipality of York en-US Greener Home and Garden Seminars Greener Home and Garden free seminars provide tips, tricks and advice for water efficiency in your home and garden, reusing and reducing consumption and experiencing our natural environment.

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