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YorkSafe Inspection Reports

YorkSafe is an inspection reporting program. You can locate and look up the most current inspection reports of your favourite establishments such as restaurants, pools, whirlpools, wading pools, splash pads, small drinking water systems, child care centres and personal service settings.

Green Proof of Public Health Inspection signs are given to establishments that pass inspections. A sticker on the sign shows whether or not a food establishment has at least one certified food handler on-site at the time of inspection. Red Closed signs are given to establishments that do not pass inspection and pose an immediate health hazard.


The YorkSafe website contains information about premises inspections conducted over the past two years. By using this page you accept the terms of use.

Current Inspection Reports


Benefits of YorkSafe

There are many benefits to the YorkSafe inspection reporting program:

  • Transparent inspection process
  • Learn the inspection results for an establishment
  • Know the date of an establishment’s last inspection
  • Attract more visitors to your establishment by passing a health inspection and displaying the green Proof of Public Health Inspection sign

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YorkSafe

YorkSafe is York Region's enhanced public health inspection reporting program. Public Health Inspectors check a variety of establishments in York Region to ensure they are meeting minimum public health requirements. YorkSafe allows inspection results to be easily shared with the public. The YorkSafe program includes food establishments, small drinking water systems, recreational water facilities such as public swimming pools, child care centres, personal services settings such as hair salons, tattoo studios and spas. At the end of each routine inspection and re-inspection establishments are provided with a YorkSafe "Proof of Public Health Inspection" sign. Establishments can post "Proof of Public Health Inspection" signs by their main entrance.

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What does 'Pass' mean?

A pass means that:

  • No infractions have been noted at the time of inspection; OR
  • Infractions may have been noted, however the number and/or type of infractions identified do not represent an immediate risk to the health of the public under the Health Protection and Promotion Act
  • A followup inspection may occur if infractions need to be corrected. Sometimes minor issues noted during the inspection do not have to be addressed until the next routine inspection.
  • Health hazards that may have been noted during the inspection have been eliminated. An establishment can still receive a green sign if there are infractions
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Are there any establishments that are exempt from the YorkSafe program?

Some food service establishments will be exempt from the YorkSafe program. These establishments include: farmers' market vendors, special event vendors, hot lunch/milk programs and before and after school programs.

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What does an inspector look for during a public health inspection?

Public Health inspectors inspect a variety of facilities. See what they look for during an inspection.

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How can I lodge a complaint against an inspected facility I see on YorkSafe?

Public health complaints can be made against an establishment inspected by York Region by contacting York Region Health Connection at:

  • 1-800-361-5653, TTY 1-866-252-9933
  • Health.Inspectors@york.ca
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