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2017 CPR Month Video Contest Results

Photo of a person performing CPR with the text Push your knowledge and confidence to help save a life

York Region Paramedic Services’ CPR Month Video Contest challenged students to use their creativity and skills to produce a video that would encourage their peers to learn hands-only CPR.

This was the first year the contest was held and it proved to be a great success. More than 60 Grade 7 to 12 students from various York Region schools participated in the contest.

Thank you to all of the students for their participation and hard work. Congratulations to the following winners and finalists.

Winning Submissions

First Place: Donna Nguyen, Sophia Nguyen, Keyan Ghamsari, Eric Tang
Tommy Douglas Secondary School

With “Call, Push & Stayin’ Alive”, we wanted to inspire others within the community to create change. This PSA shares a serious lesson to help people realize the importance of hands-only CPR and how they should react to the situation. By watching this, we hope others will be able to use these skills to help someone, instead of becoming another bystander in the situation.

Second Place: Grace Yip
Bur Oak Secondary School

Through this campaign, I’ve come to the shocking realization how often cardiac arrest actually occurs. This project has enlightened me on how easy and inexpensive it is to learn CPR, along with the unbelievable results that could potentially come with it. After learning this, I wanted to help spread awareness doing what I’m most confident in; graphics and animation. Keeping in mind that images and videos help people retain information significantly, I opted for a simple yet educational animation. My goal was to show some of the most shocking statistics many people aren’t aware of and end the video showing how anyone can learn how to perform CPR. Knowing that even one person’s life could be changed after viewing this video, I wanted to remind people of all ages that “not all heroes wear capes.”

Third Place: Vanessa Lum, Lucy Wang, Angie Chan, Serena Yuan
Bayview Secondary School

CPR is an important skill to have, as it may help save a life. However, we believe that since most students have become desensitized to the harms of heart attacks, they are less likely to care about learning CPR. Presenting our information in an impactful way to catch the attention of students was our biggest challenge; we have combatted this by showing just how common heart attack is and consequently, the importance of knowing CPR.

Honourable Mentions

Jaemin Han
Unionville High School

In this short 30 second advertisement about CPR, I tried to go over a few aspects. I wanted to include statistics that would inform those watching about the frequency and danger of a cardiac arrest, why performing CPR is key to saving somebody’s life in the event of a cardiac arrest and, of course, to briefly show how to perform CPR. The Jenga blocks are a metaphor for somebody’s heart; through constant use and under stress, the heart can eventually be affected by cardiac arrest (akin to the falling tower). During the CPR demonstration, the rewinding of the tower displays how CPR can momentarily save somebody in cardiac arrest to “give them a second chance.” Overall, I wanted to be both informative and convey a sense of urgency to make the viewer understand the importance of knowing CPR in an urgent, dangerous situation.

Candice Zhang and Aderinsola Joseph
Richmond Hill High School

This video is called “Be a Lifesaver”, and is made by Candice Zhang and Aderinsola Joseph from Richmond Hill High School. In this video, we gave a brief introduction of CPR and its importance. We also have a part that shows how to perform hands-only CPR. Throughout the video we use vivacious background music to give the perception that CPR is easy to do. We hope you enjoy the video and learn to be a lifesaver.

Calvin Tang, Aden Warton, Talal Vaince, Daniella Birfer
Tommy Douglas Secondary School

Our group's video is a PSA which sends the message that a cardiac arrest could happen at any point in time. We hope it inspires people to not be afraid and to act to save a life by attempting CPR if they see someone in cardiac arrest. 

For more information on York Region Paramedic Services’ AED registry or on how to perform hands-only CPR, visit

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