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York Region Launches 2016 Cycling Yearbook

Graphic showing a section of the York Region Cycling Yearbook cover.

York Region is proud to introduce the first edition of the York Region Cycling Yearbook. It serves as a benchmarking report for the current state of cycling and it represents York Region’s vision and commitment to a more bike-friendly future.

Cycling improves health and it can save money and if more people cycle, it benefits everyone, not just cyclists. Cycling provides savings to our healthcare system, strengthens the economy, increases tourism opportunities, helps to manage congestion and provides a cleaner environment. This is why continued investment in cycling is important.

Highlights of the Cycling Yearbook:

  • 53% of York Region residents ride a bike and a majority want to ride more than they already do
  • There is potential for growth: 47% of all trips in York Region are less than 5 kilometres which can be done by bicycle in under 20 minutes
  • There is strong support for a better cycling network: 73% of residents agree that York Region should invest in more cycling facilities so more people can get around by bike
  • There are over 1,000 kilometres of existing cycling routes in York Region and more infrastructure is being added each year to make it more comfortable and convenient to ride a bike
  • Projects like the Lake the Lake Route Cycling Route and Walking Trail will help make York Region a cycling destination and capitalize on the growing cycling tourism market

Cycling is an important part of the transportation system and providing comfortable and convenient cycling routes will help improve overall mobility in York Region.

The York Region Cycling Yearbook: 2016 State of Cycling can be downloaded here.

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