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Financial Support for Child Care

York Region helps make child care more affordable for families with low and moderate income.

This is a first-come-first-served program. Priority is given to:

  • Families with a net income of $36,000 or less
  • Families who may be experiencing exceptional circumstances

Who’s eligible

Eligibility is determined using a provincial income test and the following criteria.

Families (one or two parent) must:

  • Live in York Region
  • Be legally entitled to seek employment or attend school in Canada
  • Have children that are 12 years old or younger
  • Have an assessed financial need (this is determined at the intake interview)
  • File their Income Tax Return every year
  • Cannot care for their children during the day because they are either:
    • Employed
    • Enrolled in an educational or training program
    • In a situation where a family is experiencing an exceptional circumstance

Who is NOT eligible

The following individuals are ineligible for the child care subsidy:

  • Tourists, visitors, and persons under an active deportation order, exclusion order, or warrant for arrest
  • Temporary residents with a valid work visa/permit who do not intend to apply for permanent resident status
  • Temporary residents with a student visa/permit

What you can expect to pay

Photo of a calculatorThe daily child care cost for a family receiving fee subsidy is based on net income, the age of the child(ren), and the number of days of care.

The following chart shows what a family receiving the child care subsidy could pay for licensed child care under the income test as of January 1, 2007. To help determine eligibility, use our child care subsidy calculator.

Net Family Income


New Daily Child Care Fee


How to Apply

There are three steps to apply for the child care subsidy:

Step 1 - Call the KIDS LINE for a Pre-Screening

Parents can only be approved for the child care subsidy at an in-person interview. Because this funding is in high demand, there is a wait list to get an interview. Requests for the child care subsidy are screened through the Contact Centre. Staff will ask a set of questions about your family, where you live, income and reason for service.This pre-screening ensures families meet basic eligibility requirements before they are placed on the wait list.

Call: 1-888-703-KIDS (5437) to apply for the child care subsidy.

Step 2 – Confirming Your Wait List status

After your pre-screening, you will be contacted by a Child Care Services Staff who will ask you more questions about your income and child care needs. You will get a letter and an income verification form which outlines the documents you must send in. Once received, staff will review and assign your wait list status. You will receive a letter confirming your wait list status, along with a listing of approved child care providers in your area.

You must choose a child care program from the approved list before you are called for your interview. Many child care programs have a waiting list for space, so act early and put your name on the wait list of the child care program that best suits your needs. This will speed up the process and you will be one step closer to securing funding and space.

The length of time you are on the wait list depends on how many people are ahead of you. This is a first-come-first-served program.

Priority is given to:

  • Families with a net income of $ 36,000 or less
  • Families who may be experiencing exceptional circumstances.

Step 3 - Prepare for your Intake Interview

When your name reaches the top of the wait list, Child Care Services will call you to schedule an your intake interview. You will be provided with a list of required documents you must bring with you. At your interview, you will find out if you are eligible using the provincial government income test. Child Care Services will tell you how much York Region will pay directly to the child care provider and how much you will be required to pay.

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