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Speed Monitoring Boards

York Region can place a SpeedWATCH board along Regional roads to monitor excessive speeding. Residents can promote safe driving in their neighbourhood by requesting a SpeedWATCH board. The board measures the speed of passing vehicles and displays it as they pass. This encourages drivers to stay within the speed limit. A SpeedWATCH board will stay in place for one week.

The speed of passing vehicles is stored and analyzed. If there is excessive speeding in the area, York Region will create a plan for speed limit enforcement.

Residents can report aggressive or dangerous driving by completing a Community Concerns incident form. Visit the York Regional Police website for information on Community Concerns.



Anyone can request a SpeedWATCH board.

Boards will only be placed on roads that are owned by York Region. Contact your local municipality if you want to request a board on a road that is not owned by York Region.

Make a Request

To request a SpeedWATCH board in your community please complete the SpeedWATCH request form

It usually takes between four to six weeks before the speed board is put up.


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