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Emergency Preparedness

Although rare, you can protect yourself and your family in an emergency by knowing what to do ahead of time. York Region’s Emergency Preparedness Guide is a comprehensive resource that teaches residents about preparing for emergencies and disasters in the following areas:

  • What to do in emergencies most likely to occur in York Region
    • Hazardous materials incidents
    • Severe weather
    • Power outage
    • Health emergencies
    • Floods
  • What to do before an emergency
    • Developing an emergency plan
    • Creating an emergency kit
    • Preparing food and water supplies
    • Planning for your pets
  • What to do during an emergency
    • Preparing your home
    • Recommendations for evacuation and returning home
  • What to do after an emergency
    • Coping with a disaster
    • How you can help others
    • Insurance considerations

The Emergency Preparedness Guide for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities and/or Special Needs provides additional information concerning:

  • Mobility
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Non-visible disabilities
  • Seniors with special needs
  • High-rise building safety
  • Travel considerations

Visit Emergency Management to learn more about York Region’s plans and programs for responding to emergencies.

Business Continuity Planning / Emergency Preparedness

Help your business be more prepared for emergencies. Construct a plan for your business and employees to get through disasters or business interruptions using these tools:

Why does my business need a continuity plan?

Disasters big and small happen without warning, and being unable to provide your products and services to your customers can seriously hurt your business reputation. Having a plan in place before a disruption can make for a more effective response and faster recovery. With a plan in place, your business is better equipped to:

  • Remain competitive by staying open for business
  • Reduce any financial losses you may experience
  • Identify the weaknesses within your business
  • Improve your dealings with banks, creditors, investors and insurers by showcasing your business resilience
  • Protect staff and customers from harm

Seniors to Go!

Seniors to Go! is an emergency preparedness resource developed by York Region Emergency Management for community groups who work with seniors.

This resource allows groups to facilitate emergency preparedness workshops for seniors without help from an emergency management specialist.

Components include:

Similar publications are available from Emergency Management Ontario and Public Safety Canada.

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Emergency preparedness,emergency plan,emergency kit,flood,storm,epidemic,health based,power outage,blizzard,blackout,black out,power cut,emergency,prepare,seniors to go The Regional Municipality of York en-US Emergency Preparedness Emergency Preparedness Although emergencies are rare, it is a good idea to be prepared and have a plan, just in case. York Region's emergency preparedness tools can help the whole family prepare for emergency situations.

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