COVID-19 Resources

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Assessment and COVID-19 Before entering this facility, please assess yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. | Évaluez-vous pour des symptômes de COVID-19 avant d’entrer.
Contact Tracing - What Is A Close Contact? Contact Tracing - What Is A Close Contact?
COVID-19 & Re-opening York Region: Public Health Resources and Guidance for Businesses This document was created to provide public health guidance around COVID-19 and compile useful documents as businesses in York Region re-opentheir doors to employees and customers.
COVID-19 and Children's Mental Health The pandemic has meant that many Ontario Families, because of the pandemic may experience increased mental health challenges, which may lead to changes in behaviour of their children.
COVID-19 Clearance Letter for Employers This guidance document provides recommendations and protective measures for washrooms that are opened for public use, such as supporting proper hand hygiene, physical distancing, cleaning and disinfecting, portable washrooms and additional precautions.
COVID-19 Day Camp Self-Auditing Checklist Self-Auditing Checklist to be used for day camps
COVID-19 Factsheet: Staying Safe at the Spa Precautions for patrons using spas during COVID-19
COVID-19 Guidance for Banquet Halls and Event Centres Recommendations to serve as a guide for all business owners/operators of banquet halls and events centre to follow specific COVID-19 preventive measures
COVID-19 Guidance for Day Camps Recommendations to help organizers and staff working at day camps reduce the spread of COVID-19
COVID-19 Guidance for Mobile Food Premises A guide to assist owner/operators with COVID-19 prevention measures and to ensure your business is in compliance with the Food Premises Regulation.