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Volunteer and Employee Recruiting

Through the Employment Placement with Incentives and Community Participation programs, York Region helps public, private and non-profit organizations find new employees and volunteers from Ontario Works participants.

What we Do

York Region will:

  • Prescreen applicants and refer only qualified candidates to you
  • Complete the paperwork and provide ongoing employment support, allowing you to focus on other business needs

Employee Recruiting

The Employment Placement with Incentives program matches Ontario Works participants to paid employment opportunities.

Through the Employment Placement with Incentives program, employers will:

  • Save on advertising and recruitment costs
  • Be eligible for a training incentive at an average of $2000 to help off-set your training costs
  • Avoid an increase in your Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage should an injury occur, because this cost is covered through the program
  • Receive human resource services throughout the first six months of the placement

Volunteer Recruiting

The Community Participation program gives Ontario Works participants an opportunity to gain six months of work experience, enhance their skills and network with people in their field. Community groups, service clubs, public and non-profit organizations can increase the services they provide to their community when they host volunteers from the Community Participation program.

Some benefits of enrolling in the Community Participation program include:

  • Access to enthusiastic and qualified individuals who can volunteer for up to 70 hours per month at no cost to your organization
  • No hassles and no administration fees
  • Volunteers are eager to work, have flexible hours and good availability
  • Human resources support throughout the placement

How to Apply

To find out more or to become involved in the Employment Placement with Incentives or Community Participation program, call 1-877-464-9675


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