The Regional Municipality Of York


York Region provides residents and businesses important information about developing land and renovating property. Residents and businesses are required to locate underground utilities before digging to avoid injury or damage to essential services such as electricity, telephone or water. Here, developers and businesses can find information about fees, development approvals, requesting an environmental site assessment or road design drawings.

Everyone is required to have buried utilities located and marked before doing any digging on private or public property.

These design guidelines help consultants prepare tender packages for York Region. They help with designs for road and water and wastewater, as well as pedestrian and cycling infrastructure projects.

All new residential, commercial and industrial developments have to pay development charges to York Region to fund growth-related construction.

Learn about development engineering construction standards, resources, and construction-related financial requirements

Learn about Site Plan and Engineering Approval applications review, and access engineering design and construction guidelines and standards

Learn about financial incentives for rental housing, office development along Regional Centres and Corridors, and servicing incentive programs

Learn about Regional and Local Official Plan Amendment, Plans of Subdivision and Condominium, Rezoning, Severance and Minor Variance applications review

We all play an important role in protecting York Region’s underground and lake water drinking water sources. Find out what York Region is doing and what landowners can do to help.

A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) is a five-phase study identifying the potential positive and negative effects of municipal infrastructure projects like road improvements and expansions as well as water and wastewater projects.

York Region offers historical sewer use data for Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). This process will identify any relevant environmental information about a specific property.

Contact information for the Ministry of the Environment transfer of reviews and underground servicing approvals.

When a brownfield is redeveloped, property owners are required to notify local and regional municipalities of their intent to use non-potable site condition standards.

Pedestrian and Cycling Municipal Partnership Program, related policies and guidelines for consultants.

York Region can supply the design drawings for Regional road projects. The drawings have information about what is below the road surface.

Land developers may require a section 59 Notice when submitting applications to local municipalities to ensure drinking water remains safe.

Streetscape Program, related policies and guidelines for consultants.

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