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Development Construction Inspection

Although York Region buildings are closed to the public, we continue to process development applications and conduct inspections.

To make a payment, please send cheques through mail or courier outlining the file number and applicant name.

Alternatively, applicants can use the Drop Box located at 17250 Yonge Street, near the north facing entrance doors. Please email to let us know you have used the Drop Box.

Development Construction involves construction inspection and administration for all Engineering Approval and Site Plan developments within York Region which abut, connect to or are adjacent to York Region roads and underground infrastructure. The construction inspections and contract administration are undertaken for:

  • Grading and excavations
  • Traffic and staging
  • Drainage and sewers
  • watermain installation
  • Granular placement
  • Sub-drain installation
  • Concrete curb and gutters
  • Asphalt paving
  • Traffic control signals
  • Street lighting
  • Pavement markings and signage
  • Installation of AODA features
  • Concrete headwalls and retaining walls
  • Sidewalks and multi-use paths
  • Landscaping and enhanced streetscaping
  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of Regional and adjacent private property and public safety

Additionally, construction administration involves planning and managing pre-construction and site meetings, processing security reductions and releases, constructability review of proposed designs, checking of DC Credit/reimbursement quantities, ensuring liabilities are minimized, and liaising with other Regional branches to ensure the Region’s infrastructure and the safety of public are being looked after at all times.

Development Engineering Construction Standards

Development consultants and contractors undertaking work within the Regional Road allowance should consult the following resources:

  • Development Engineering and Construction Resources provides the most commonly used Engineering, Streetscape and Natural Heritage/Forestry design and construction specifications and standards.
  • Refer to the Road Design Guidelines for ALL Civil, Electrical, Streetscape and Natural Heritage & Forestry Design Guidelines, Standards and Specifications.
    • Regional Road Guidelines (Microsoft Word document)
    • Appendix G: Standard Utility Corridor Drawings
    • Appendix H: YRT Concrete Bus Pad Specifications and Drawings
    • Appendix I: Development, Electrical and Traffic Design Standards
    • Appendix J: Streetscape Details and Specifications
    • Appendix K: Natural Heritage and Forestry Planting Details
    • Appendix L: Regulated Planting Details and Specifications
  • The Mid and High Rise Development Process and Implementation Guide provides guiding principles, standards and checklists for mid and high density development applications in the Region’s built-up areas, particularly in the Centres and Corridors, and also for Site Plan applications in general. Please note Section 23 has been updated
  • Visit the Streetscape Program page for streetscape and landscape design requirements and standards

To access the Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Ontario Provincial Standards Volume page.

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Construction Related Financial Requirements

Security Reduction Requirements

Reductions in security deposit, to a minimum of 15% of the original security deposit or $20,000.00, whichever is greater, may be authorized after a site inspection has confirmed works have been constructed as per approved drawings and any other Regional requirements have been satisfied. The reduced balance will then be retained for a period of two years for maintenance and lien claim purposes. Below is a list of items required as part of a security reduction request:

  1. Letter from Applicant/Consultant requesting security reduction.
  2. Letter from the Consultant confirming the works are completed as per the certified “As-built” drawings, including CCTV video on DVD or USB, and an inspection report of all newly constructed sewers and watermains within the Regional right-of-way.
  3. One (1) digital copy of “As-built” drawings (PDF and AutoCAD) to be submitted by the Applicant/Consultant. Rolled drawing submissions will not be accepted.
  4. Final soils/geotechnical Consultant report, including material testing, analysis and compaction results, if applicable.
  5. Notarized Statutory Declaration signed by the Applicant.
  6. Certificate of Substantial Performance issued by Consultant.
  7. Ontario Land Surveyor’s certificate confirming all survey monuments have been verified or replaced and there are no encroachments of features/signs/stairs/steps and other structures pertaining to the development frontage.
  8. Landscape Architect’s certificate confirming all landscaping has been completed in the field and constructed as per the approved landscape drawings, if applicable.
  9. Letter from a Professional Engineer confirming the noise attenuation features installed meet the approved noise study, and are in conformance with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change guidelines and Region Noise Policy, if applicable.
  10. Copy of executed Site Plan/Subdivision Agreement (first and last pages of Agreement) confirming lands have been conveyed and environmental conditions cleared, if applicable.
  11. Copy of certified cheque used to pay for the 10 Year Traffic and Pedestrian Signal Maintenance Fee, if applicable to the proposed intersection.
  12. Verification the Certificate of Insurance (COI) is currently valid and compliant.

Security Release Requirements

Prior to authorizing the final release of any remaining securities, a final inspection must be carried out and the above-noted security reduction requirements must be cleared. If the Region issues a deficiency list after the final inspection, the owner shall rectify the deficiencies within a maximum period of 90 days of non-winter weather. If the owner fails to rectify the deficiencies within this period, then the Region may draw upon any or all of the remaining securities once this period has passed. Below is a list of requirements to obtain a security release:

  • Letter from Applicant/Consultant requesting final security release
  • Notarized Statutory Declaration signed by the Applicant

Release of security is subject to final clearance from other Regional Branches.

Additional Notes for Security Reduction and Release

  1. Electronic/digital copies of all above documents to be provided in PDF format. Documents shall be submitted via email, DVD or USB to the appropriate Development Construction Coordinator.
  2. All required documents shall be submitted as a complete package. Piecemealed submissions will not be accepted.
  3. Security Reductions and Releases may be subject to final clearance from other Regional Departments.
  4. Security Release requests will not be accepted unless the works under the Regional approval have reached total performance.
  5. The above applicable information is to be provided to the appropriate Development Construction Coordinator with reference to the York Region file numbers on all requests.
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