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Development Reviews and Approvals

York Region is one of Canada’s fastest-growing large municipalities. Striving to create sustainable, liveable and vibrant communities, York Region reviews and approves development applications submitted under the Planning Act and is responsible for ensuring that Provincial planning regulations and Regional interests are protected through the implementation of the Regional Official Plan.

Our Role:

  • Provincial Plan conformity – All planning decisions must be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement and conform to the Growth Plan, Greenbelt Plan, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, Lake Simcoe Protection Plan and Source Water Protection Plans
  • Regional Official Plan conformity – All planning decisions must be consistent with the Regional Official Plan including policies regarding growth management, maintaining minimum densities in Regional Centres, protecting employment lands to maintain a prosperous and competitive economy, protecting Natural Heritage and Greenlands Systems along with agricultural and rural areas, protecting for connectivity, transit-oriented development, servicing our population, housing diversity, affordable housing and increasing communities adaptability through green infrastructure
  • Commenting agency on all local official plans, local official plan amendments, zoning bylaw amendments, draft plans of subdivision and condominium, site plans, consents and minor variance applications, applications to amend the Minister’s Zoning Order and Parkway Belt West Plan
  • Approval authority for all local Official Plans and Official Plan Amendment Applications
  • Engineering approvals for any work within the Region's right-of-way or impacting Regional infrastructure related to development (e.g. infrastructure, access, utilities)
  • Facilitators for development issues with Regional interests or cross-jurisdictional issues.

Regional Development Charges and Fee Bylaw

Development Charges (DCs) are required for all new developments in York Region. Fees for Regional development review and approval services are outlined in the Regional Fee Bylaw Schedule.

Electronic Submissions

All submissions must include digital copies of all documents (including forms, drawings, reports, specifications, plans and other supporting documentation, etc.) on a CD/DVD/USB flash drive.  Consult the 2019 Development Applications Submission Checklist for detailed requirements.

York Region’s Community Planning and Development Review Teams

Our teams are responsible for providing comments and/or approvals on planning applications and development related activities to ensure that development complies with Regional policies and standards. For full contact details please follow the link to the Development Teams Contact List.

Regional Development Application Processes and Submission Requirements

Regional Official Plan Amendment Application

The Regional Official Plan is a statutory document which sets out land use policy to guide future growth and development. If an owner proposes to develop a property differently than what is prescribed by the approved Regional Official Plan, they must apply to York Region for a Regional Official Plan Amendment. York Regional Council is the approval authority for Regional Official Plan Amendments.

Regional Official Plan Amendment Process

When you request an amendment to the York Region Official Plan:

  1. There will be a pre-consultation meeting with the applicant, consultants and planning staff to discuss the details or concepts of the application and provide general feedback on Regional policy and information about the requirements of a complete application.
  2. The applicant, planning consultant or other consultants undertake the required background studies, as discussed with staff in pre-consultation.
  3. The applicant or consultant completes a Regional Official Plan Amendment Application Form and submits the form, required background information, application fees, draft Official Plan Amendment document and all requested information and material as prescribed in section 22(4) and (5) of the planning act and section 2 and schedule 1 of Ontario Regulation 543/06 to the Regional Planning department.
  4. Within 30 days of the submission of the application, background studies, fee, etc. the Regional Planning department will provide a letter to the applicant advising whether the application is complete.
  5. With 15 days of providing an affirmative notice of a complete application, the regional planning department will:
    1. Circulate the application and all background studies and supporting material to all prescribed persons/bodies listed in section 3 of Ontario Regulation 543/06, other external agencies and internal departments.
    2. Notify the public by way of a newspaper notice in Toronto Star and Local newspapers that a complete application has been received and the supporting documentation is available for their viewing in the Regional Planning department.
  6. Regional Planning staff prepares a notice to hold a public meeting and publishes the notice in the Toronto Star and local newspapers at least 20 days before the meeting. This notice may be coordinated with the notice of a complete application.
  7. A peer review may be required on technical background studies such as agriculture, hydrogeology, environmental impact, retail impact, noise and vibration and growth and settlement. The peer review is done at the owner’s expense.
  8. The public meeting is held at a regular meeting of the Regional Planning and Economic Development committee, held monthly on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. Planning staff prepares and presents an information report describing the application and identifying any issues that require additional analysis.
  9. Comments from the public and agencies are received, reviewed and a further report is prepared by Regional planning and presented to a planning and economic development committee meeting (generally the next scheduled meeting).
  10. The Planning and Economic Development committee’s recommendation is forwarded to Regional Council, generally held once monthly. Council may recommend adoption of the amendment, or refusal of the application. Notice of the decision is issued by planning staff following the decision by Regional Council. There is a 20 day appeal period following the notice. If there are no appeals, then the amendment comes into force and effect. If an appeal is received, the amendment, record and appeal are forwarded to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Submission Requirements

Regional Official Plan Amendment Application
York Region Development Application Fees

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Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Applications

Plan of Subdivision applications are typically needed when three or more lots or blocks are proposed to be created/subdivided that will be sold individually, or new roads are being created, existing roads are being extended, and/ or new services are being installed.
Plan of Condominium applications are used as a form of ownership that can be applied to new or existing developments.They typically accompany Plan of Subdivision applications or precede Site Plan applications. Clearance of Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision.

York Region is a commenting agency on applications for Plans of Subdivision and Condominium which are circulated and approved by the local municipality. York Region reviews, comments, and provides conditions of approval that protect Regional interests. York Region also provides clearance of the approved conditions related to the Region as part of the final approval process for these applications.

Submission Requirements

Subdivision/Condominium Submission Checklist
Clearance of Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision Checklist
Clearance of Draft Approved Plan of Condominium Checklist
York Region Development Application Fees

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Development Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines and Standards

Development proponents and their contractors undertaking work within the Regional Road allowance should consult the following resources:

To access the Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Ontario Provincial Standards Volume page.

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Other Financial Requirements

Insurance Policy Coverage Requirements

On properties where works are being completed, the property owners must provide proof of accident insurance.

The Owner must submit to the Regional Corporate Services Department, Development Engineering Section, York Region Certificate of Insurance Form, completed to the satisfaction of the Region’s Manager of Insurance and Risk. The certificate must name The Regional Municipality of York as an additional insured with respect to:

a)    the Commercial General Liability Insurance, for an amount not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence.
b)    the Non-Owned Automobile Liability and Owned Automobile Liability Insurance, for limits of not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence for each insurance.

Please consult the certificate of insurance form for details.

Security Deposit Requirements

Security deposits are collected to ensure construction works proposed in the Region’s right-of-way are completed as per the design, in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Region. Security deposits are required for Engineering Approval and Site Plan Applications that abut the Regional Road.

The Region aims to ensure the right-of-way is restored to the original condition, and the right-of-way is kept in good repair and free of mud, debris and encumbrances. In addition, the Region may request a security deposit for a number of other reasons, such as ensuring the execution of legal agreements, the conveyance of lands, that noise attenuation and travel demand management features are implemented on site, the removal of accesses, wells, temporary encroachments, the de-stressing of tie-backs, etc.

This security must be in the form of a certified cheque or letter of credit and must be provided by the Owner of the property. Those who elect to post a letter of credit must ensure that it is provided on the Region's standard form.

A summary of security requirements for development projects is provided below.

Security Type Requirement
Temporary Construction Access $15,000  or $20,000 per access
Municipally Owned Works within Region's right-of-way 100 per cent of the cost of the works proposed in Region's right-of-way
10 per cent of the cost of the works proposed in the Region's right-of-way provided that the local municipality also fully secure the works

Works within the Region's right-of-way for Subdivision

Works within Region's right-of-way for Site Plan

100 per cent of the cost of the works in Region's right-of-way

70% of the cost of the works in Region's right-of-way

Security Reduction Requirements

Prior to authorizing the reduction of any securities, an inspection must be carried out and all other Regional requirements must be satisfied. Any reduction leaving a balance will then be retained for a period of two years for maintenance and lien claim purposes. Below is a list of requirements that may be required as part of a security reduction request:

  • Letter of request from Owner/Developer or designated Consultant/Applicant to reduce the security
  • Letter of certification from the Consultant certifying that the works are completed as per the approved "as built” drawings. Video DVD and inspection report of all sewers newly constructed within the Regional Road allowance
  • Soils Consultant final report including material testing, analysis and compaction results, if applicable
  • Owner's signed Statutory Declaration
  • Copy of the Certificate of Substantial Performance, if applicable
  • 2 copies of "As Built" record drawings to be submitted from the Consultant and folded to 8.5 x 14”. Rolled drawing submissions will not be accepted
  • Ontario Land Surveyor’s certificate certifying that all survey monuments have been verified or replaced and no encroachments of features/signs/stairs/steps and other structures pertain to the development frontage
  • Landscape Architect certificate certifying all landscaping have been verified in the field and constructed as per the approved landscape drawings
  • A letter of certification is required from a certified professional engineer to certify that the noise attenuation features installed meet the approved noise study and conform to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change guidelines and Region’s noise policy, if applicable
  • Confirmation that lands have been conveyed, environmental conditions cleared, and Site Plan/Subdivision Agreement fully executed, if applicable
  • Electronic copies of all above documents in PDF format. Electronic documents shall be submitted via email, disc or portable drive to the appropriate Regional Construction Coordinator. Piecemeal submissions will not be accepted

Security Release Requirements

Prior to authorizing the release of any remaining securities, a final inspection must be carried out. If the Region issues a deficiency list after the final inspection, the owner shall rectify the deficiencies within a maximum period of 90 days of non-winter weather. If the owner fails to rectify the deficiencies within this period, then the Region may draw upon any or all of the remaining securities once this period has passed. Below is a list of requirements to obtain a security release:

  • Letter of Request from Owner/Developer or designated Consultant/Applicant to release the final security
  • Owner's signed Statutory Declaration

Release of security may be subject to final clearance from other Regional Branches.


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