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Land Development Legal Services

York Region Legal Services prepares the following types of contracts and agreements for residents and businesses:

  • Compliance letters
  • Development charge agreements
  • Site plan agreements
  • Site plan amending agreements
  • Release of no pre-sale agreements
  • Cost sharing agreements
  • Development financing agreements

York Region does not provide legal advice or representation to members of the public.

Residents seeking a lawyer or legal representation may find assistance with:


Compliance Letters - $110.00
Development Charge Agreements - $1,300.00
Site Plan Agreements - $770.00
Site Plan Amending Agreements - $770.00
Release of No Pre-Sale Agreements - $120.00

All fees should be:

  • Paid via certified cheque
  • Made payable to the Regional Municipality of York
  • Forwarded to the law clerk (contact information below)

Required Documents

Compliance Letters

Please direct inquiries, including a copy/scan of all applicable documents (agreements, easements, encroachments on title) to the law clerk.

Development Charge Agreements

  • Reference to the draft plan number (19T-##X## Phase #)
  • Subdivider’s name as it appears on the subdivision agreement
  • Subdivider's legal address for service
  • Names and titles of subdivider's signing authority

Site Plan and Site Plan Amending Agreements

  • Reference for the site plan number (SP-X-###-##)
  • Recent copy of the Property Identification Number (PIN) of the subject lands
  • Name and titles of the owner's signing authority
  • Owner's legal address for service

Release of No Pre-Sale Agreement

  • Copy of the No Pre-Sale Agreement
  • Draft Application to Delete and Draft Consent
  • Copy of the Plan of Subdivision (65M- Plan)

If the Plan of Subdivision is not available, please provide:

  • Copy of the draft Plan of Subdivision
  • Ontario Land Surveyors (OLS) Certificate
  • Duly signed subdivision agreement

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