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Planning Advisory Committee

York Region Planning Advisory Committee 

York Region Planning Advisory Committee Planning Advisory Recruitment has finished.
Thank you to all interested residents who applied to the Planning Advisory Committee, we are currently reviewing applications.

Council members:
Wayne Emmerson, Regional Chair (ex-officio)
Mayor Mrakas, Mayor of Aurora
Joe DiPaola, Regional Councillor, Richmond Hill
Jim Jones, Regional Councillor, Markham

Resident appointments:
Eric Chan, Vaughan resident
Sandra Fitzpatrick, Vaughan resident
Steve Foglia, Newmarket resident
Norma McClinton, Aurora resident
Peter Miasek, Markham resident
Hamid Mezaheri, Richmond Hill resident
Amy Cross Mattei, Vaughan resident
Laura Overton, Vaughan resident
Kate Greavette, Georgina resident

Questions about the Planning Advisory Committee should be directed to

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Planning Advisory Committee The Regional Municipality of York en-US Join the York Region Planning Advisory Committee Planning Advisory Committee York Region is in the process of selecting members of the public to join the Planning Advisory Committee.

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