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2019 Backyard Sale

backyard sale

York Region Backyard Sale

Trees and composters are now sold out!

Thank you for interest in the sale, stay tuned for details for the Spring 2020 sale.

Composter Details

image of composter for sale WE ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2019!

The backyard composter is a 311 litre one-piece unit and measures 33” high x 31” wide (83.8cm high x 78.7cm wide). Please ensure you have space in your vehicle to take your composter home with you. The composters come in one piece and do not separate into smaller sections.

Composters are $20 each, HST included. 

This offer is for York Region residents only. Limit of two composters per household. Residents must order and prepay online. Once ordered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Composting resources will be available at time of pick up to help you start turning your garden clippings and kitchen scraps into garden gold in no time.

Composting is nature’s way of recycling; turning your leaves and garden trimmings along with the peelings of your fresh fruits and vegetables and other kitchen scraps into fresh, all-natural, nutrient rich compost that can be used to feed your trees, lawn and garden.

Residents can also pre-purchase composters from the Town of Richmond Hill’s Healthy Yards Event.

Find out more information on how to use your composter and the benefits of composting or check out our Composting Made Easy brochure.

Some benefits of composting include:

  • compost is easy to make and free
  • create better quality soil for your garden, trees and lawn
  • compost acts as a natural sponge so you can water less often
  • no need for chemical fertilizers
  • a home-made, all-natural additive for your garden, containing minerals and nutrients
  • your food waste and yard clippings are turned into compost for your garden
  • a healthier option for your family, yard and environment

Tree Details

trees ready to be planted


Native tree species offered as part of this sale were: Basswood, Bur Oak, Hackberry, Silver Maple and White Spruce. Native trees are from this area, and are suitable for our climate. Trees provided are young, potted saplings, approximately three to four feet in height.

Please refer to spacing recommendations as outlined by LEAF to maximize tree health and success when planting.

There is no warranty available for trees purchased at this event. We are not able to provide order cancellations or refunds. If you have questions regarding your tree order, please email

Although our trees are sold out for this year’s sale there are other options you can consider.  For more tree planting programs in your area visit or

If you’re heading out to your local nursery to buy trees, shrubs or perennials, the Water Efficient Plant Guide and the Grow me Instead Guide offer excellent tips for choosing the right plant for the right place.

For those living in the City of Richmond Hill you can also check out the Healthy Yards Plant and Garden Sale taking place on May 25.

Need more reasons to plant a tree? Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Adds beauty to your yard
  • Provides shade and privacy
  • Can reduce cooling costs
  • Improves air quality and produces oxygen
  • Provides habitat for birds
  • Improves physical, emotional and mental health

Want a backyard tree, but can't do it yourself?

Try LEAF’s full service backyard tree planting program where an Arborist can visit your yard, offer a 30 minute yard consultation, deliver and plant the tree for you.  If you are replacing an ash tree, you can get $100 off this program.  More information and eligibility requirements can be found online at

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purchase,buy,subsidized,sale,residents native,tree,backyard,composter,event,compost The Regional Municipality of York en-US Tree and composter in a backyard 2019 Backyard Sale York Region residents can order a native tree and / or a backyard composter for $20, while supplies last.

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