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Red Pine Decline

Red pine plantations make up part of the York Regional Forest.

Environment conditions have led to the roots of red pine trees becoming infected with root rotting fungi. Over the past several years, this infection has caused the death and decline of plantations in the region.

Learn more about red pine decline.

What We Are Doing

York Region is:

  • Monitoring the condition’s status
  • Removing dead or declining red pine trees that pose a hazard to trails
  • Planting new trees in infected plantations
  • Changing tree removal operations to reduce the impact on infected areas and reduce the spread into other areas
  • Converting heavily infected areas to young hardwood forests

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Red pine decline The Regional Municipality of York en-US Red Pine Decline Red Pine Decline Red pine decline is happening because the trees are becoming infected with root rotting fungi. York Region is monitoring the status and planting new trees to replenish red pine plantations.

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Red pine decline
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