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What is Fusion Gardening?

Fusion Gardening® is a style of landscape design that combines stunning colours and textures to create colourful and stylish landscapes. Fusion works in harmony with the natural conditions of your property to create beautiful outdoor spaces while helping to reduce watering needs.

Fusion gardens:

  • Create a personal oasis that appeals to the senses
  • Increase curb appeal and property value
  • Help eliminate overly wet areas in the yard
  • Support biodiversity which helps our local pollinator populations
  •  Reduce the impacts of flooding
Fusion gardens are designed to thrive naturally with rainwater. Landscape elements, such as rain gardens, bioswales and permeable pavers allow rainwater to be used within the property and the landscape.

Tips for a beautiful garden

Things to consider before updating your landscape:

Your wants and needs: Your landscape is an extension of your home; take some time to think about how you would like to use the space.

How to infuse your style: Straight lines and square corners suit more formal tastes, while winding pathways and curved gardens and patios offer a casual atmosphere.

Adding focal features: Focal features create interest and draw the eye through the landscape. Artistic touches can be functional as well. Rain chains that direct the flow of rainwater are a beautiful addition to any space.

Using colour to create an alluring space: Colour choice in the garden is important as it can be used to evoke certain feelings. For example, the use of cool colours would help to create a peaceful, relaxing garden and the use of warm colours would create a more invigorating, vibrant space.

Follow these tips to have a beautiful garden and time to enjoy it!

  1. Plant the right plant in the right place. This will help your plants thrive and will require less maintenance.
  2. Use mulch. Applying a layer of five to 10 cm of mulch to your garden beds will help the moisture stay in the ground and keep the weeds out.
  3. Plants love rainwater. Try to incorporate a rainwater element into your design. Rain gardens are a good option as they can withstand both wet and dry conditions.
  4. Try permeable pavers. There are many different options available that allow water to seep between the stones thereby reducing runoff and the potential to flood.
  5. Don’t overwater. To keep your landscape beautiful and healthy, book a consultation with a certified Water Smart Irrigation Professional.

Check out our inspiration cards and other resources for more gardening tips.

Professionals Who Can Help

Cultivate Tranquility

Certified Fusion Landscape Professionals

If you are interested in creating a fusion garden or landscape or would like to include some fusion elements into your current landscape, consider contacting a certified Fusion Landscape Professional. These professionals have been certified through Landscape Ontario, are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in fusion design, installation and maintenance services.

Design: A fusion landscape designer will work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle while adding beauty to your home. They can assist you in designing a unique, relaxing and enjoyable addition to your property.

Installation: You can hire a Fusion Landscape Professional to construct your design and transform your outdoor space into the landscape of your dreams. They will will help to ensure your design is installed to specifications and turn your dream into a reality.

Maintenance: A Fusion Landscape Professional can maintain your fusion landscape so it retains its unique beauty and function through the years. Proper maintenance of Fusion Landscapes will help keep the elements of your landscape in ideal condition.

Certified Water Smart Irrigation Professionals

An important part of a fusion garden is determining the right amount of water for your landscape.  If you already have an irrigation system, consider contacting a Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) to have them assess and optimize your system.

WSIP Certified professionals can provide you with a customized watering schedule that fits your needs to help ensure your garden is getting the proper amount of water. This will help keep your plants healthy and beautiful which in turn, helps increase curb appeal.

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Imagine Your Ideal Space Before Planning Your Garden

Planning your space

Wants and needs:
Your landscape is an extension of your home; think about how you would like to use the space.

Creating form: Define the space. Patios, hedge rows, pathways and gazebos are some features that provide structure to your landscape, direct flow of movementand and create defined areas for dining, playing or relaxing.

Infusing your style: What’s your style? Straight lines and square corners suit more formal tastes, while winding pathways and curved gardens and patios offer a casual atmosphere.

Adding focal features: Focal features create interest and draw the eye through the landscape. Artistic touches can be functional as well. Rain chains that direct the flow of rainwater are a beautiful addition to any space.

Turn Your Dream Into a Reality

Once you know how you would like to use your outdoor space start sketching your ideas out.
A few things to consider are:
  • Immovable objects/trees, structures, etc.
  • Light conditions/natural and man-made
  • Areas where water pools or drains well
  • Movement through your yard - be sure you don’t block entranceways or viewpoints (i.e. windows)
When you have a design you’re happy with, mark it out using stakes, string or paint to help visualize your space. Once you’re happy with the marking, it’s time to put your plan into action.

Just remember to call to get locates of buried services before you dig!

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Use Colour to Create an Alluring Space

Colour Choice

colour wheel

How do you want to feel when you’re in your garden? Do you want it to be a quiet place to curl up with a book or do you want it to be a fun, energizing space? The colours you choose will have a large impact on how you feel when you’re in the garden.

For a peaceful, relaxing garden use cool colours (i.e. green, blue, purple).

For an invigorating, vibrant garden use warm colours (i.e. orange, yellow, red).

For a soft effect use colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel.

For a dramatic effect use colours that are opposite from each other on the colour wheel.

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Right Plant in the Right Place

Plant Selection

Excited about creating your perfect outdoor space? Before you start designing, walk around your property and note the conditions in your yard. Watch where the sun falls on your property throughout the day.

Sun versus shade

After it rains, check to see if there are areas where water pools or sloped areas where it may drain more quickly. Some plants are suited to moist areas and some to dry.

Tips for a flourishing garden:

  • Check the plant tag before you buy to be sure the plant needs match the conditions of your property
  • Group plants with similar water requirements together to reduce any excess watering
  • Consider moving a plant that needs constant attention to a more suitable spot
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Healthy Soil Means Healthy Plants

Soil conditions

Before you plant, use this simple test to check what type of soil you have.

  1. Pick up a handful of moist (not wet) soil and squeeze it in your hand.
  2. Open your hand. If the soil:
    a. Stays together and retains its shape, you have clay soil
    b. Falls apart, you have sandy soil
    c. Retains its shape, then slowly falls apart, you have loamy soil

Loamy soil is ideal as it drains at a moderate rate and holds nutrients.If you have clay or sandy soil (the two most common in York Region), mix in some compost prior to planting. If your garden is already established, spread a couple of centimetres of compost on top of last years mulch before applying a new layer of mulch in the spring or fall.

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Create a Space That Reflects Your Personal Style

Plant placement

Create drama

Choose two or three plants that will be focal points. They will likely be more colourful, larger or more dramatic than the other plants. Stagger these pieces throughout your space to create depth.

Structure your garden

Pay attention to the height that a plant will reach at maturity. Plant the tallest ones near the back or middle of your garden and the smaller ones near the front or outer edges.

Reduce maintenance

Use non-invasive groundcover plants to fill in spaces until the other plants grow. They also work as a living mulch, which means less weeds and less watering.

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Watering Tips: Relax and Enjoy

Designing your space

Fusion gardens can require less water than traditional gardens. This means less time to maintain and more time to relax.

Here are some tips to make sure your garden is getting the right amount of water:

  1. Plant the right plant, in the right place. This will help your garden flourish and will require little water.
  2. For the first year, a fusion garden will need to be watered once or twice a week, if there hasn’t been rain. After the first year you should rarely need to water.
  3. When water is required, ensure it gets down to the roots by watering close to the soil.

A quick and easy way to make sure your plants are getting the right amount of water is to check the moisture content of the soil. Stick your finger into the soil (about five centimetres). If you feel moisture, you don’t need to water, but if you don’t feel moisture, you should water.

Following these easy tips for proper design and smart watering means much less work for much more show.

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Add an Artistic touch with a Rainwater Feature

rainwater features

Rainwater is a great water source for your garden and can be part of a beautiful feature in your yard.

Rain chains can be used in place of traditional downspouts to direct water where you need it while adding artistic appeal.

Rain barrels are used to capture water from downspouts that can be used later.

There are many varieties available to suit your style, ranging from simple to decorative.

Rain gardens and infiltration areas can be created to suit any style and are an attractive addition to your landscape. Rainwater from downspouts is directed to the feature and soaks into the ground slowly instead of being directed to the storm sewer. As a result, you won’t have to water your garden as often.

Be sure to look at the different options available to see what works best for you and your space.

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Need More Inspiration?

Click through these gorgeous plants which represent some of the possibilities for your garden.

Beautiful Plants, Less Water

Fusion Gardening® is a trademark of the Regional Municipality of Peel – used with permission

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