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Curbside Giveaway Days

curbside giveaway

Free stuff signDuring select Curbside Giveaway Days York Region residents are invited to place unwanted items, labelled FREE at the curb for other residents and community members to browse and take for their own use, free of charge.

This is a great opportunity to de-clutter and find a new home for your unwanted items, while also picking up something you may want or need for free.  

Here are a few tips and tools to help out:

  • Download and print a FREE curb alert poster
  • Take a picture of your item and post it on our Curbside Giveaway event page on Facebook
  • Swap your items online for free on various apps, sites or groups
  • Share your offerings and great finds using #yrcurbalert
  • Be safe and follow these tips from York Regional Police when swapping, buying or selling items online

For locations where you can donate, recycle or dispose of any items that were not picked up visit Bindicator.

Dates and Locations

For current dates and locations check with your local town or city

Residents are instructed to have their items out at the curb by 7 a.m. that morning and anything remaining or not picked up must be brought back inside by 5 p.m. that evening.  For more specific instructions please contact your town or city directly. Please note, the City of Vaughan offers Curbside Giveaway Weekends. Visit for details.

COVID-19 Safety Tips

Safety tips for Treasure Hunters and Declutterers

It’s an understatement to say 2020 has turned our regular routines and shopping habits upside down. While most Curbside Giveaway Days have been cancelled for 2020, many people still love buying second hand through yard sales, garage sales and online shopping. 

For those of you who have been decluttering your closets, basements and garages and those who love the thrill of stumbling upon a unique treasure – here are some safety tips from York Region Public Health to help you during COVID-19.  

Tips to stay safe during any buy, sell or swap

  • Do not buy, sell or swap items if you or anyone in your household are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Do not buy, sell or swap items if you have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Avoid all close contact. Stay 2-metres away from others
  • After picking up an item, thoroughly clean and disinfect it. Avoid items that are difficult to clean
  • Always practice good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette before and after handling goods (e.g. when coughing/sneezing)
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer after handling items or completing the sale
    • Sneeze and cough into your sleeve or tissue and wash your hands afterwards
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

Buying, selling or swapping second-hand items

  • Arrange for delivery or curbside pickup, where possible
  • Buy and sell with people that live in your community. Avoid travel. In particular, do not travel from a high transmission area to a low transmission area
  • Never enter another person’s house or allow anyone to enter your home
  • If possible, use digital payment services rather than cash
  • Drop off or pick up goods during the day and in a public location 

Organizing a garage or yard sale

  • Adhere to the current gathering limits in place during COVID-19 by monitoring the number of people attending the sale (e.g. create a waiting line)
  • Hold the sale outdoors, on your driveway, never in your home
  • To help illustrate and encourage physical distancing, display signs or use chalk markings or taped areas on your driveway as a reminder to keep a safe distance
  • Space out your tables and items to give people lots of space to browse
  • Supply 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer for your attendees
  • Display a sign to remind people not to come if they are feeling ill
  • Clean high touch surfaces frequently with household cleaner or diluted bleach
  • Ask attendees not to touch items unless they are making a purchase
  • When exchanging money, maintain a 2-metre distance (if possible, ask buyers to send you an e-transfer)
  • Wear a mask if you cannot maintain a safe 2-metre distance

Attending a garage or yard sale

  • Limit the number of sales you attend in one day and stay local
  • Avoid carpooling with people outside of your household
  • Avoid handling items, unless you are going to buy them
  • Wear a mask or face covering if physical distancing is challenging, or opt not to attend if you feel unsafe
  • Pay with exact change if possible, to avoid exchanging money or ask if an e-transfer is an option

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