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Yard Waste

COVID-19: Yard Waste Drop-off Update

Effective Friday, May 8 - Georgina Transfer Station will begin accepting yard waste, fees apply. 

In an effort to reduce further spread of COVID-19, we ask residents to use their curbside yard waste collection and only drop off yard waste if absolutely critical, fees may apply. We are not accepting cash at this time.

Please check your town or city websites for your yard waste collection schedule. Georgina Transfer Station and Bloomington Yard Waste depot locations, hours and fees can be found at

Ways to reduce your yard waste include: 

    - Leaf mulching
    - Grass-cycling (i.e. leaving grass clipping on your lawn)
    - Backyard composting  

Local municipalities in York Region offer residents a seasonal curbside leaf and yard waste collection program. Consult your local municipal calendar for yard waste pick up schedule.

Additionally, residents may drop off yard waste materials at two facilities in York Region – the Georgina Transfer Station and the Miller Waste Bloomington Road Facility (fees may apply), where yard waste will be turned into nutrient-rich compost.

For more information on seasonal curbside yard waste collection and to find out what’s accepted for curbside collection, please contact your local municipality or refer to your waste collection calendar.

To see if a specific item is accepted as yard waste, please use Bindicator.

What is Accepted at the Yard Waste Depot

  • Branches
  • Christmas Tree
  • Flowers and plants
  • Vegetable garden waste including pumpkins
  • Leaves
  • Shrubs
  • Sod with dirt removed in small residential quantities (Bloomington Road location only)
  • Weeds

What is Not Accepted

  • Animal waste
  • Driveway and road sweepings
  • Grass clippings
  • Kitchen and food waste
  • Rocks
  • Root balls
  • Soil and clean fill
  • Stumps

Drop-off Locations

Yard waste may be dropped off (fees apply):

For curbside collection, please contact your local municipality

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

What type of bags can I use to drop off yard waste?

Kraft paper bags are acceptable. Plastic bags are not accepted.  Plastic bags with yard waste in them need to be emptied and the plastic bag disposed of.

What about the Dufferin Street yard waste depot?

The Dufferin Street yard waste depot in the City of Vaughan is now closed. Due to the eradication of the Asian Long-horned Beetle,

Businesses and residents who need to dispose of excess yard waste can deliver it to the Bloomington Yard Waste Depot or the Georgina Transfer Station, Household Hazardous Waste and Recycling Depot (fees apply).

How can I reduce the amount of yard waste I generate?

Try these helpful tips:

  • Compost your yard waste in a backyard composter
  • Practice grasscycling by leaving your grass clippings on your lawn
  • Mulch leaves for use on your gardens

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