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York Region is committed to water source protection, effective treatment and continual monitoring in order to provide its residents with safe drinking water. The water we use is part of an ongoing cycle that helps our communities conserve water. York Region ensures the best water quality by meeting the Ministry of the Environment’s Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. Annual water and seasonal beach testing reports are available to the public.

York Region monitors beach water to make sure it is safe for swimming. If not, signs are posted at the beach and results are posted here for the public.

These design guidelines help consultants prepare tender packages for York Region. They help with designs for road and water and wastewater, as well as pedestrian and cycling infrastructure projects.

York Region’s water is safe for drinking and must meet these high quality standards as legislated by the Ministry of the Environment.

We all play an important role in protecting York Region’s underground and lake water drinking water sources. Find out what York Region is doing and what landowners can do to help.

Information about the Duffin Creek Plant

Inflow and infiltration is a problem that increases the cost of water for residents. Learn what it is and what York Region is doing to stop it.

Tap’d In is a mobile drinking water trailer for public events in York Region. The Tap’d In trailer delivers clean, refreshing municipal drinking water.

York Region is responsible for supplying water to residents in all nine of its local municipalities. Learn more about where water in York Region comes from.

Before using water outdoors, learn about your local municipality's Outdoor Water-Use Bylaw.

Well water should be tested regularly for bacteria. Drop off samples from your well to be tested for bacterial contamination.

Permits are required to release water and waste into sanitary and storm sewer systems based on the Sewer Use Bylaw. The bylaw protects our sewers, employees and the environment. Permits are required by residents and businesses.

York Region offers a wide variety of educational water conservation-based programs for elementary schools.

The Upper York Sewage Solutions project proposes first-of-its-kind in Canada, technology to increase sustainable wastewater servicing capacity to the year 2031.

York Region is committed to providing residents with safe water and wastewater services. Learn how wastewater is collected and treated in York Region.

Learn more about on-going water and wastewater construction projects happening in your community and 10 year construction plans.

The Water and Wastewater Master Plan is York Region’s strategy for providing water and wastewater services to residents and businesses to the year 2051.

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