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COVID-19 in York Region

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Data quality is an on-going process to ensure the data presented by York Region Public Health is accurate, high quality and shows how COVID-19 is evolving in York Region. These necessary data quality activities may result in changes to the total number of cases reported on a day-to-day basis in the interactive graph below.

These changes are normal, expected and part of all infectious disease reporting and surveillance activities. The data we report on a daily basis is based on the most up-to-date information we have from our case, contact and outbreak management activities. York Region Public Health continues to be a leader across the province in the volume and depth of COVID-19-related data made publicly available.

The daily and the total number of COVID-19 vaccines administered is currently reported by the Ministry of Health and can be found on the Province’s website.

Previous daily updates dating from April 9, 2020 to May 22, 2020 are available in Resources.

Public Notices

View information on non-compliance Orders and charges.

When is a Public Notice issued?

When York Region Public Health conducts case and contact tracing activities, we may learn of a situation where a case or their contact(s) were working while symptomatic. When Public Health becomes aware of these potential public exposures, a thorough risk assessment is conducted to determine whether or not the general public is at risk of developing COVID-19.

Our risk assessment takes into consideration:

  • Public health measures in place at the business, while the ill staff member was working, including physical distancing, use of personal protective equipment including masks
  • The nature of the employee’s work and the extent and length of time they interact with the general public
  • How long the employee was at work while infectious
  • If there is more than one confirmed case of COVID-19 among employees working at the essential service business

In the event that public health is unable to identify all close contacts, York Region Public Health may issue a public notification providing the public with information about the dates and times of the exposure and any actions to be taken by exposed individuals . This may include the need for self-isolation, and in the event that COVID-19 symptoms develop, direction regarding the need for medical assessment and testing.

Where the risk assessment determines there is no elevated risk to the general public of contracting COVID-19 or when all close contacts can be identified through the interview process with the case, a notice will not be posted.

covid The Regional Municipality of York en-US COVID-19 in York Region York Region reports daily on COVID-19 data related to number of cases, assessment centres, lab results and outbreaks.

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