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York Region is responsible for inspecting establishments that provide food to the public, such as restaurants. Persons who regularly handle food can take advantage of the YorkSafe Food Handler Certification program. Residents can also learn more about food safety at home.

The YorkSafe Food Handler Certification Program trains people how to safely prepare, store and serve food.

Food poisoning can be caused by unsafe food preparation or storage. Avoid food poisoning at home by cleaning, separating, cooking and chilling your food properly.

Fish is an excellent source of protein, healthy fats and other nutrients, however some types of fish contain higher levels of mercury than others. Find out how to choose the right fish for your meals.

Consuming raw (unpasteurized) milk products can result in mild to severe illnesses, including death, and the infection can be passed to others.

Before planning an event, ensure that the Organizer Application and Vendor Application forms are submitted to York Region

YorkSafe is an inspection reporting program. You can look up the most current health inspection reports for restaurants, pools, and splash pads, small drinking water systems, child care centres and personal service settings.

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