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Health Statistics and Reports

As directed in the Ontario Public Health Standards, York Region Public Health monitors the health status of York Region residents in areas such as health behaviours, preventive health practices and disease outcomes.

Population health information is provided to inform programs, services, policies and practices that prevent disease and protect the health of the community.

This information is useful to health care practitioners, community partners and the general public.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Public Health monitors risk factors for chronic diseases and health behaviours in York Region, in the areas of:

  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy weight
  • Tobacco control
  • Physical activity
  • Alcohol use
  • Cancer screening
  • Substance misuse

Recent reports and short summaries include: Current State of Alcohol Use in York Region (2016), Breast Cancer Screening, Current Adult Smokers, Underage Alcohol Drinkers and Vegetable and Fruit Consumption.

In 2015, the report Preventative measures: A strategic plan to reduce chronic diseases in York Region was released and provided data on York Region residents living, working and playing in healthy environments; addressing the risks of chronic diseases; and integrating public health programs with community partners.

The York Region Student Drug Use and Health Use Survey Report examines York Region students in grades nine to 12, and provides information related to demographic and home characteristics, lifestyle and health risk factors, mental health and resiliency and York Region Community and Health Services for students.

For more related surveillance summaries and reports, visit the Statistics and Data Resources Library and filter by Chronic Disease Prevention.

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Environmental Health

Public Health monitors aspects of the environment in York Region which may impact the health of residents. Surveillance is performed in areas such as: air quality, extreme heat, and safe water.

Surveillance summaries and reports will be posted in the Statistics and Data Resources Library under Environmental Health as they become available.

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Infectious Diseases and Prevention

Public Health monitors infectious diseases and associated risk factors and health behaviours in York Region including the surveillance of reportable diseases, outbreaks, immunization coverage, food safety behaviours and sexual health practices.

Reportable Diseases in York Region 2016

This report contains a summary of descriptive epidemiology for reportable diseases for 2016, including relevant comparisons to provincial data where available. This report is a resource for York Region residents, public health practitioners and health professionals involved in the management and control of infectious diseases. As a health unit, York Region Public Health is responsible for controlling the spread of these diseases.


  1. Introduction
  2. Enteric diseases
  3. Diseases transmitted by direct contact and respiratory routes
  4. Sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections
  5. Vaccine preventable diseases
  6. Vector-borne and zoonotic diseases
  7. Outbreaks
  8. Technical notes

Reportable Diseases in York Region 2000 to 2015
Executive Summary, 2000 to 2015

Diseases of Public Health Significance Summary Report

On a monthly basis, York Region Public Health releases a summary report which provides information on infectious disease activity in the Region in the same areas as the Annual Report.

Diseases of Public Health Significance – Monthly Report
Please note: The monthly report hyperlink will change on a monthly basis. If you would like to bookmark the report, please bookmark Health Statistics and Reports to navigate to the most recent report

Influenza Surveillance Reports

Current Influenza Summary Report

Influenza Season Weekly Report User Guide
Summary of 2018/2019 Influenza Season
Summary of 2017/2018 Influenza Season
Summary of 2016/2017 Influenza Season
Summary of 2015/2016 Influenza Season

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Injury Prevention

Public Health monitors injury outcomes and associated factors in areas such as: 

  • Injuries
  • Road and off-road safety
  • Booster seats and seat belts

Recently released data summaries and reports include: Preventable Fall-Related Injuries and Booster Seats and Seat Belts.

For more related surveillance summaries and reports, visit the Statistics and Data Resources Library and filter by Injury Prevention.

Injury Prevention The Regional Municipality of York en-US

Maternal and Child Health

Public Health monitors indicators related to the health of pregnant women and children in York Region, such as

  • Preconception health
  • Healthy pregnancies
  • Reproductive health outcomes
  • Healthy family dynamics
  • Positive parenting
  • Breastfeeding
  • Oral health
  • Child growth and development

Recent surveillance summaries include: Dental Insurance, Support for Drinking Water Fluoridation, Attitudes toward Mothers Breastfeeding in Public Places, Folic Acid Supplementation and Live Births.

For more related surveillance summaries and reports, visit the Statistics and Data Resources Library and filter by Maternal and Child Health.

Maternal and Child Health The Regional Municipality of York en-US

Overall Health and Well-being

Surveillance is performed on topics of Public Health importance such as factors related to the determinants of health, mental health, and other indicators of overall health. The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Health report highlights some of the social, economic and community factors which can have varied influences on health outcomes in York Region neighbourhoods. Program performance measures are highlighted in reports such as the Annual Public Health Report.

For more reports and information, visit the Statistics and Data Resources Library and filter by Overall Health and Well-being.


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