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Ready, Set, Create! contest

The Regional Municipality of York is pleased to announce the 2019 winners of its annual “Ready, Set, Create!” contest. Congratulations to all of our winners. Check back in September for information on how you can participate in the 2020 contest.

The following posters took the top three prizes:

First place – Vanessa Kauk

Vaping and tobacco is prevalent addiction that not only affects adults but teens as well. In this poster I chose to replace the cigarette with a $10.00 bill to show that people are burning money by smoking. The price of the addiction not only costs money but it can also cost you your life.

Second place – Lareina Chen

There has always been a stigma surrounding males being sexual assault victims. This stigma makes reporting sexual assaults shameful. If we can support women to come out and report their sexual assaults, why can't we accept that men can also be subjected to it as well. It is time we all forget the stigma of male sexual assaults, and accept that if it can happen to HER, it can happen to HIM.

Third place (tie) – Ashley Carcuro

This poster accentuates the struggle that many women who are assaulted or abused face, which is the fear of speaking up. It is crucial for these victims to understand that what has happened to them is not due to their own actions. My goal with this poster is to assure those dealing with this issue that they are not alone and no situation is too small to acknowledge. The finger silencing the victim symbolizes the pressure exerted by society that makes women believe that they must stay quiet. I hope this poster helps women and girls everywhere to speak up and get the support they deserve.

Third place (tie) – Owen Clark

This poster represents the dangers of smoking and how it could potentially end your life if you become addicted. The slogan “Put it out, before it puts you out” is a play on words being used to convince any smokers, to put out their cigarettes and their addiction now before the cigarette puts them out, meaning it will kill them.

Honourable Mentions

Kayla MacInnes

Carine Ho

Sarah Previte

Baron Yan

Celeste Brizuela

Thomas Wong

Ritesh Persaud

Healthy School,Ready,Set,Create,contest,healthy,secondary student,health,promotion message,high school The Regional Municipality of York en-US Ready, Set, Create! contest Ready, Set, Create! is a contest for secondary school students in York Region to promote public health messaging.

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