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Infectious Diseases and Outbreak Management

The Control of Infectious Diseases and Outbreak Management team works in the community to:

  • Investigate and manage cases of reportable diseases, including identification and management of contacts
  • Investigate enteric and respiratory outbreaks in the community and institutions such as long-term care homes, acute care facilities, retirement homes, schools, child care centres and others
  • Provide information about infectious and communicable diseases to the public and health care professionals
  • Develop and distribute educational material such as fact sheets, pamphlets, signs and manuals
  • Collaborate with external partners to increase awareness of legal requirements regarding reportable diseases and infection control measures implementation
  • Support local and provincial epidemiological surveillance and participate in multi-jurisdictional outbreak investigations

List of Reportable Diseases

By law, physicians, nurses and other practitioners have a legal obligation to report a suspect or confirmed case of a reportable communicable disease to their local Medical Officer of Health.

Reportable Diseases List

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Outbreak Management

An outbreak is an increase, often sudden, in the number of cases of an infectious disease above what is normally expected in a specific place or group of people over a period of time. Investigation of outbreaks is necessary to understand, control and prevent the spread of diseases.

Resources for Institutions

Repatriation during and outbreak



Resources for Child Care Centres

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Guidelines for Common Childhood Communicable Diseases

This chart lists reportable diseases and non-reportable diseases, with common signs and symptoms. It also outlines how the disease is transmitted, when it is infectious or communicable and if the child must be excluded from a child care centre.

Guidelines for Common Childhood Communicable Diseases

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Outbreak Signage

During an outbreak, it is important to post signs notifying staff and visitors that your facility is having an outbreak and what precautions need to be taken to reduce the spread of the illness.


Child care centres

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Infection,germs,health,outbreak,prevention,management,control The Regional Municipality of York en-US A close up of hands using soap to wash off germs superimposed on a background of viruses. Infectious Diseases and Outbreak Management York Region responds to reports of communicable diseases and outbreaks in our community and our institutions. Our goal is to prevent and control the spread of communicable diseases.

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