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Travel Health

York Region can give you information on staying healthy while you travel. Learn how to get ready for your trip, and what to do while travelling to avoid getting sick.

Travel Advice

Call York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 to get advice on healthy travel. When you call, ask for a referral to a travel health nurse. The nurse will go over any health related concerns you have and send you an information package to help you plan your trip.

NOTE: The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued a travel health notice for Canadians traveling to areas where Zika virus is circulating. Visit their Zika virus page for up-to-date information about who is at risk, recommended precautions, including those for pregnant women and symptomology.


Before you leave

Here are some things to do before you leave for your trip:

  • Get all required immunizations; there are a number of travel health clinics available
  • You can also choose to receive 13 common travel vaccines from participating pharmacists. Some vaccines require a prescription from a physician. Clients will still have to pay for the vaccine and an administrative fee
  • Learn how to prevent travellers’ diarrhea
  • Check travel advisories to determine if there are any risks related to, or of, contracting mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever and Zika virus. Ontarians, particularly pregnant women, who are travelling to countries identified with Zika virus transmission, should avoid travelling to those areas if possible; if they must travel, they should be aware of the health risks associated with the disease and take measures to prevent Zika virus infection
  • Visit the Public Health Agency of Canada or CDC websites for current travel health notices
  • Pack a medical kit that includes your immunization information, enough medication to last the whole trip, first aid supplies, insect repellent containing DEET, protective clothing, sunscreen and condoms

While you are away

Here are some precautions you should take while travelling:

  • Drink plenty of bottled, boiled or chemically treated water
  • Avoid excessive sun and wear sunscreen
  • Protect yourself from insect bites
    • Use insect repellents
    • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants
    • Use air conditioning or window/door screens to keep mosquitoes outside
    • If you are not able to protect yourself from mosquitoes inside your home or hotel, sleep under a mosquito bed net
  • Avoid swimming in fresh water to prevent schistosomiasis (The York Region travel health nurse can provide further information)
  • Practice safe sex and bring a condom supply from Canada
  • Take any medications that your doctor prescribed
  • When travelling abroad, avoid contact with wild animals and be especially careful around stray cats and dogs in developing countries as they may be infected with rabies

If you have any symptoms of illness when you get back, or were bitten by an animal while you were away, see a doctor. Make sure you let them know where you were travelling.


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