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Infection Prevention and Control Lapses

This website contains reports on premises where an infection prevention and control lapse was identified through the assessment of a complaint or referral, or through communicable disease surveillance. It does not include reports of premises which were investigated following a complaint or referral where no infection prevention and control lapse was ultimately identified.

These reports are not exhaustive, and do not guarantee that those premises listed and not listed are free of infection prevention and control lapses. Identification of lapses is based on assessment and investigation of a premises at a point-in-time, and these assessments and investigations are triggered when potential infection prevention and control lapses are brought to the attention of the local medical officer of health.

Reports are posted on the website of the board of health in which the premises is located. Reports are posted on a premises-by-premises basis, i.e., will correspond with one site only.

Should you wish to view a full investigation report for any posted lapse, please contact:
Health Connection
Telephone:  1-800-361-5653

Date of Posting Facility
2018-11-22 Spring Town Medical Clinic, Woodbridge
2018-06-07 Today Family Dental, Woodbridge
2018-05-24 Tips N'Toes Nail Bar And Spa, Newmarket
2018-05-15 Beautiful Smiles Dental Office, Thornhill
2018-04-24 Nice One Nails, Richmond Hill
2018-01-22 MCI The Doctor’s Office, Windflower Gate, Woodbridge
2018-01-10 Ultimate Fades, Richmond Hill
2018-01-10 Rowy’s Barber Shop, Vaughan
2017-12-22 Cedarwood Dental, Keswick
2017-12-22 The Barber's Shop, Markham
2017-12-07 Eva Nails, Vaughan
2017-10-13 Greenhill Dental Care, Richmond Hill
2017-09-13 Yazdani Dental, Aurora
2017-09-12 K27 Dental, Nobleton
2017-09-08 Hershenfeld Eye Care Centre, Vaughan
2017-06-21 Nails 1010 and Spa, Stouffville
2017-06-15 Dentistry For You, Woodbridge
2017-06-09 Regal Nails Salon & Spa, Vaughan
2017-05-15 Dr. Felice Lackman, Markham
2017-04-27 York Fertility Centre, Markham
2017-04-25 G-Nails, Richmond Hill
2017-03-28 Ex Cali Nails, Vaughan
2017-03-01 Waxed Wax Bar, Vaughan
2017-03-01 Appletree Medical Group, Markham
2017-03-01 Appletree Medical Group, Richmond Hill
2017-03-01 Appletree Medical Group, Thornhill
2017-02-09 GM Face Artistic, Markham
2017-01-05 Wilderman Medical Clinic, Thornhill
2016-11-29 Nice City Nails, Richmond Hill
2016-11-21 Golden Nails Salon and Spa, Vaughan
2016-11-03 Newmarket Drive Test Centre, Newmarket
2016-10-28 T.L.Y. Nails and Spa, Markham
2016-09-23 Regal Nails Salon and Spa, Keswick
2016-09-09 Mila Laser and Skin Care, Richmond Hill
2016-07-20 MCI The Doctor's Office, John St, Thornhill
2016-07-20 MCI The Doctor's Office, Steeles Ave, Thornhill
2016-07-20 MCI The Doctor's Office, Marycroft Ave Woodbridge
2016-07-19 Daisy Nails, Markham
2016-06-29 Jane Rutherford Dental, Vaughan
2016-06-20 New York Nails and Spa, Keswick


infection prevention,IPAC,surveillance,communicable disease,lapse,breach,public health,investigation,report,monitor The Regional Municipality of York en-US Single Use Only syringes. The use of these help prevent the spread of infections. Infection Prevention and Control Lapses Reports on premises where an infection prevention and control lapse was identified.

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infection prevention,IPAC,surveillance,communicable disease,lapse,breach,public health,investigation,report,monitor
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