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Being able to plan, pick and prepare food is tied to a healthier diet. Yet, busy lifestyles, the increase in prepackaged, ready-to-serve meals and the lack of food skills being passed down from generation to generation are contributing to the shift from eating home-cooked meals to eating processed and pre-packaged meals. As a result, individuals and families are eating foods that are low in vegetables and fruit and higher in fat, salt and sugar.

One way to help and encourage people to plan and cook meals at home is to give them tools and tips to help improve their food skills. York Region offers support to community organizations and schools who would like to teach food skills to their clients.

Let’s Cook! Take the pledge to cook more using fresh ingredients!
If you are interested in offering food skills education or including food skills in your programming, take the pledge to cook more! We will send you a monthly Let’s Cook! bulletin to your email that includes tips, recipes and information on local food, cooking and health to help you stay inspired.  View past issues of Let's Cook. Share with your clients and encourage them to take the pledge too.


Nutrition programs and resources are available to elementary and secondary schools interested in fostering food skills development among staff and students.

York Region Public Health offers consultation, training and support for teachers and schools interested in including more food skills activities in their lesson plans and/or starting a cooking program at their school.

A Registered Dietitian or Nutrition Educator will set up a consultation with you to help you plan and choose the type of cooking program to offer based on your school’s infrastructure, capacity and resources.

Check out the Cook it Up badge on for inspirational ideas to include more food skills opportunities at your school.

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cooking,food literacy,food skills The Regional Municipality of York en-US A woman slices vegetables while a man pours dressing on a green salad. Cooking in the Community York Region provides consultation, training and ongoing support to community partners and organizations interested in helping their clients learn important food skills, such as planning and preparing healthy meals.

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