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The Good Food program helps you plan, prepare and enjoy healthy family meals more, while wasting less. With the help of our simple tips and tools saving time, money and food waste can become a reality, one meal at a time.

Ten Good Food reasons to shop local

Local food is all around us, but do you know where to find it?

Your York Farm Fresh Map can lead the way to local farms, farmers’ markets and food-themed events in the Region this year.

So, why buy local? We have a bushel of reasons! You get the most recently harvested fruits and vegetables, the freshest meats, and the tastiest, straight out of the oven baked goods.

Still looking for more reasons? Well, here are 10 more:

  1. It’s in the taste. Fresh foods are bursting with natural flavour
  2. It’s healthier. You get more nutrients from your food when it’s at peak freshness
  1. It’s making connections. See where your food comes from, meet the farmers and learn about all the work that goes into producing your food
  2. It’s a great experience. Shopping at a farm or farmers’ market can be so much fun; it’s a way to connect with nature, agriculture, your community and your family
  1. It’s in season. Eat what’s in season, fresh from the harvest
  2. It’s something new. You and your family may find new foods and flavours you never tried before
  3. It’s an adventure. Journey to your local farm taking the scenic routes and make it a fun, family road trip
  4. It’s supporting your local farms. Shopping local supports your local family farms, community and economy
  5. It’s better for the planet. Think of all the energy, pollutants and emissions you avoid when your food doesn’t travel thousands of miles
  6. It’s inspiring. With fresh food come fresh ideas, recipes and home-made meals

For tips and tricks to help your local, fresh food keep longer check out our storage tips below. Share your own farm fresh memories and recipes using #PlanPrepareEnjoy.


Do you love Pinterest? Do you love Good Food? 

Well, we have a reason to love them both just a little bit more. Visit the York Region Pinterest page for some great tips, tricks and Good Food printables that can help you gain more family time together around the table, better health for growing kids and hardworking adults, and more savings through better meal planning and food storage.

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