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Personal Medical Information Kits

A paramedic is holding a sheet entitled Emergency Medical InformationThe Personal Medical Information Kit is a useful resource to help you manage your health information.

The kits can attach to your fridge or any other magnetic surface and are an easy way to contain copies of your medical documentation, including information about your medical history, any pre-existing conditions you have and a list of your medications.

The kit is designed to be visible and easily accessible by paramedics or other emergency services. It can assist with the speedy exchange of information to help enhance patient care.

The kits are being distributed across York Region. York Region residents may also receive their own kit by contacting Access York at 1-877-464-9675 or by visiting one of the locations listed below:

Access York Sites

  • 17250 Yonge Street, 1st Floor, Newmarket
  • 9060 Jane Street, Vaughan
  • 50 High Tech Road, 2nd Floor, Richmond Hill
  • 4261 Hwy 7, Markham

Ontario Works Office

  • 24262 Woodbine Ave., Keswick

Frequently Asked Questions

What medications should I list on my form?

All of your daily medications should be put on your Personal Medical Information form. You can contact your pharmacist to obtain a current list of your medications and dosages. If your medications change, the information in your kit should also be updated to reflect the change. It’s recommended you include any medications you are allergic to in the Allergies section.

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Will paramedics still provide treatment if my form isn’t updated properly?

Yes, paramedics will still provide treatment. You will still receive the same treatment options if the information is not available. The kit does not replace a thorough medical assessment done by paramedics. The information can help in a situation where the patient is unable to speak or is alone during an emergency. It can also help keep complex medical history organized and make it easier to share when a patient is under stress due to a medical emergency.

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Will paramedics call my emergency contact?

That will depend on the type of medical emergency you are experiencing. An emergency contact will be called in a situation where someone is needed to help you while you are at the hospital. In this case, paramedics will contact your emergency contact while on scene or hospital registration staff will do so when you arrive. In some cases, if emergency contacts are unable to make care-related decisions on your behalf, it is recommended you also include your Power of Attorney’s contact information.

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What is a Power of Attorney (POA) and is it different than an emergency contact?

A POA is a legal agreement that gives someone of your choosing the permission to act and make decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able to. More information can be accessed by visitng the Ministry of the Attorney General website.

A medical POA essentially gives a person you trust the ability to oversee your medical care and ensure that the decisions you made about your care, before you became sick, are followed. Without appointing a POA for your health care, your family members may not be able to access your medical information or actively participate in decision-making. A medical POA is sometimes referred to as a health care proxy.

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What is a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order? Do I need one?

A DNR is a legal document completed by a physician or health care provider, stating that a person does not wish to receive treatment to prolong their life if they have a cardiac or respiratory arrest. These procedures include CPR, intubation, defibrillation and other resuscitation methods.

Obtaining a DNR is a personal choice. You can speak with your health care practitioner about this form in greater detail. If you have a DNR, it is important to keep a copy of it in your Personal Medical Information Kit so it can be easily accessed in case of emergency.

Please note that a copy of your DNR must be witnessed in-person in order for paramedics to honour your wishes.

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Who will be using the information found in my Personal Medical Info Kit?

The information contained in your Personal Medical Information Kit is only used to help support a medical assessment generated by a 911 or community paramedicine call.

The medical information in your kit is provided voluntarily and does not replace a standard medical assessment provided by paramedics or the hospital. By completing the information in this kit, there is implied consent it may be used during an emergency call and transferred to hospital with you if needed.

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