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Are you prepared for an emergency?

York Region recommends that each family should have an emergency preparedness kit to take care of themselves for a minimum of 72 hours. Many of the items you need should already be available in your home; it’s a matter of gathering and storing them together in an easy-to-access backpack. York Region has put together the top five items you need to get your kit started.

They include:

Emergency Checklist

Once you have packed the essentials, be sure to personalize your kit further with specific family needs, such as medication or supplies for babies, seniors and pets. A detailed checklist outlining additional emergency preparedness kit items to consider is available below, simply click to open. For a comprehensive checklist covering three types of emergency preparedness kits, check out York Region’s Emergency Preparedness Guide (page 21).

Stay connected: Get emergency notifications direct to your phone

We encourage you to opt-in to the alerts provided by York Region. Simply download York Region’s mobile application from the App Store or Google Play.

App Store and Google Play

Then, turn on emergency notifications in the notification centre by following the simple steps outlined in the how-to video below. Once activated, emergency notifications would alert you to significant issues and events in real-time.

In addition, you can also opt-in to the Government of Ontario’s emergency alerts.

York Region is prepared for an emergency or disaster

Did you know York Region and its municipal partners each have emergency management programs and plans in place? One of our core services is Emergency Management, as outlined in the Strategic Plan. The Region is committed to protecting its residents and property, and works collaboratively with all levels of government (local municipalities, the Provincial and Federal governments) to ensure everyone’s safety and security. York Region also provides paramedic, public health, emergency social services and transit services — support that is important during an emergency or disaster situation.

How do we do this?

York Region does this by collaboratively working with the local municipalities and community partners. In addition, York Region provides public education to local businesses, grade five students and residents.

York Region has a detailed Emergency Management Plan that:

  • Identifies the roles, responsibilities and actions required of Regional Departments and York Regional Police in mitigating, preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from major emergencies and disasters
  • Ensures a coordinated response by the Region, local municipalities, and other agencies in managing emergencies or disasters; to save lives, prevent injuries, protect property and the environment
  • Enables decision makers to efficiently and effectively deploy available resources
  • Provides a way to identify, request and buy additional resources

To learn more about how York Region can help residents and businesses with emergency preparedness visit


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