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Public Notice

Notice of Construction at the Keswick Water Treatment Plant

Located at 204 Metro Road North in the Town of Georgina

The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) will be working in your community to rehabilitate the existing Keswick Water Treatment Plant which serves the Town of Georgina. The Keswick Water Treatment Plant is located at 204 Metro Road North in the Town of Georgina (see map below).

The project includes removal of material containing asbestos, water treatment process optimization, electrical system and Supervisory Control Data Acquisition System (SCADA) upgrades at the existing facility.

Located at 204 Metro Road North in the Town of Georgina

Rehabilitation work will take place inside the building with minimal impact to the surrounding residents. Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2014 with an anticipated completion date of 2016. Additional construction details will be posted on York Region’s website prior to the start of construction at

York Region encourages your comments and inquiries about the project. For more information or to submit a comment or inquiry, please contact:

Mariana Balaban, Project Manager
The Regional Municipality of York
Environmental Services Department - Capital Planning & Delivery Branch
17250 Yonge Street
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 6Z1
Phone: 905-830-4444 ext. 73022

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