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Public Notice

Notice of Draft Environmental Assessment Submission

The draft Upper York Sewage Solutions Environmental Assessment (UYSS EA) Report is available for review. The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) has undertaken the UYSS EA, in accordance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, to determine a wastewater servicing solution for the Towns of Aurora, East Gwillimbury and Newmarket, to meet provincially-approved growth to 2031.

A Water Reclamation Centre with associated infrastructure has been identified as the preferred solution for wastewater servicing in East Gwillimbury and a portion of Newmarket. The preferred site for the proposed Water Reclamation Centre is located on 2nd Concession one kilometre north of Queensville Sideroad in East Gwillimbury (shown on the Map of the Water Reclamation Centre Site).

Wastewater from Aurora and the remainder of Newmarket would be conveyed via a new forcemain to the existing York Durham Sewage System (YDSS) for treatment and discharge to Lake Ontario. The preferred alignment for the new wastewater forcemain has been identified adjacent to the existing YDSS forcemain (shown on the Map of the YDSS Modifications).

The draft EA Report documents the UYSS EA process that was undertaken in accordance with the Minister of the Environment approved (as amended) UYSS Terms of Reference. The draft EA Report will be available for review at the locations indicated below during regular business hours from February 18 to March 28, 2014. It is also available for download from the project website ( In order to consider your comments on the Draft EA Report, they are required by March 28, 2014.

Accessible formats or communication supports are available upon request.

Map of the Water Reclamation Centre Site and Map of the YDSS Modifications

Map of the Water Reclamation Centre Site

The map shows an area bounded by Holborn Road to the north, Yonge Street to the east, Leslie Street to the west and Doane Road to the south. The Water Reclamation Centre Site is shown fronting on 2nd Concession, north of Queensville Sideroad. The Conveyance Infrastructure to the site is shown going from the approved Queensville West Pumping Station north along 2nd Concession, and the Conveyance Infrastructure from the site is shown going south on 2nd Concession and west along Queensville Sideroad to the Proposed Outfall at the East Holland River.

Map of the YDSS Modifications

The map shows two new proposed forcemains. The first forcemain runs north-south between the Newmarket Pumping Station south of Green Lane on Bayview Parkway and the Aurora Pumping Station on St. John’s Sideroad in Aurora. The second forcemain runs east-west between the new forcemain and the Bogart Creek Pumping Station in Newmarket on Pearson Street.

The locations at which the draft EA Report will be available for review are as follows:

York Region Administrative Centre Clerk’s Office

17250 Yonge Street, 4th Floor Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 6Z1

Phone: 1-877-464-9675

This location is wheelchair accessible.

Town of Aurora Clerk’s Office

100 John West Way, Aurora, Ontario L4G 6J1

Phone: 905-727-1375

This location is wheelchair accessible.

Town of East Gwillimbury

Clerk’s Office

19000 Leslie Street, Sharon, Ontario L0G 1V0

Phone: 905-478-4282

This location is wheelchair accessible.

Town of Newmarket Clerk’s Office

395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 4X7

Phone: 905-895-5193

This location is wheelchair accessible.

Town of Georgina Clerk’s Office

26557 Civic Centre Road, Keswick, Ontario L4P 3G1

Phone: 905-476-4301

This location is wheelchair accessible.

UYSS Project Office

1195 Stellar Drive, Unit 1, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 7B8

Phone: 905-830-5656

Copies of the Draft EA Report on CD are also available at this location

This location is wheelchair accessible.

Use any of the following methods to submit your comments:

Postal Mail: UYSS EA Project Office, 1195 Stellar Drive, Unit 1 Newmarket, ON, L3Y 7B8



Telephone: 905-830-5656

Fax: 905-830-0176

For more information please contact Adrian Coombs, P. Eng. Senior Project Manager

Telephone: 905-830-4444

Extension: 75098

Fax: 905-830-6927


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