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Protecting your home from flood damage

Know the risks. Make a plan. Get a kit.

NEWMARKET – The first 72 hours are the most critical in any emergency. When this occurs, York Region works alongside local municipalities and other stakeholders to respond. It is important residents and businesses prepare for emergencies.
Increased rainfall has the potential to cause localized flooding. Being prepared can help minimize the impact of potential flooding.

Things you can do to avoid flood damage:

Install sewer backflow valves:
Flooding can cause sewage from sanitary sewer lines to back up into houses through drain pipes. Sewage backup causes damage, but also creates health hazards. Backflow valves are recommended to be installed in your home. They prevent flowing liquid, such as sewage, from reversing its direction. This is something that only a licensed plumber should do.

Raise heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC):
Elevating these types of equipment above flood risk areas is a good way to protect HVAC equipment.

Anchor fuel tanks:
Unanchored fuel tanks, such as propane, can be moved by floodwaters. To anchor a tank, attach it to a large, heavy concrete slab. Elevate tanks to a minimum of one foot above the base flood elevation. Floating and/or damaged tanks pose serious threats to public safety and the environment.

Raise washer and dryers:
To limit flood damage to washers and dryers, place utilities on cinder blocks at least one foot above the base of where flooding may occur.

Consider adding a sump pump:
Sump pumps can help keep groundwater from entering your home’s interior. Consult a licensed plumber for more information.

Talk to your insurance broker/company
Flood insurance, if available, may provide year-round financial protection and improve your ability to quickly recover when severe storms strike and cause unexpected flooding.

Complicated changes or those that affect the structure of your home or its electrical wiring and plumbing should be carried out by a professional.

Additional information and a copy of the Emergency Preparedness Guide are available at The guide contains useful information and checklists including how to assemble an emergency preparedness kit.
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