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2017 capital investments support growth in York Region

York Region’s Capital Plan, one of the largest among comparable municipalities, includes high levels of investment in new infrastructure

Newmarket - As part of the 2017 to 2018 Budget, York Regional Council approved a capital plan of $942 million for 2017, and a 10-year $6.1 billion capital plan. York Region’s 10-year capital plan will not require any new tax levy debt or user rate debt.

Well-maintained infrastructure, including roads, transit and water and wastewater systems, are critical to ensuring the Region’s rapidly growing communities can provide quality-of-life for residents, attract investments and foster economic growth.

The strategic investments in the 2017 budget align with York Regional Council’s priorities and continue to emphasize vital transit and transportation-related projects. Significant investments in transportation infrastructure over the next two years will help address traffic congestion, which continues to be a top concern for residents and businesses.

The capital plan also includes continuing investments in water and wastewater rehabilitation.

Highlights of 2017 capital projects

$168 million for expansion and maintenance of Regional roads, including:

  • Construction (including road-widening, storm sewers, lighting and signals) along St. John’s Sideroad from Bayview Avenue to Woodbine Avenue
  • Highway 404 Northbound Off-Ramp Extension at Highway 7
  • Mid-block crossing (i.e., a crossing that does not occur at an intersection) on Highway 404 North of Highway 7

$310 million for York Region Rapid Transit Corporation, including:

  • Completion of the Spadina Subway Extension
  • Construction of bus terminals to support the Viva Bus Rapid Transit System

$482 million for York Region Transit, including:

  • Land purchase for the future Southeast transit garage
  • Construction to amalgamate two transit vehicle garages in Newmarket

$106 million for wastewater infrastructure, including:

  • Duffin Creek Plant Rehabilitation
  • Upper York Sewage Solutions project servicing East Gwillimbury, Newmarket and Aurora
  • West Vaughan Sewage Servicing Detailed Design

$78 million for water infrastructure, including:

  • Construction of Peel water supply cost-shared works to maintain water supplies for York Region residents
  • Construction of water servicing infrastructure in Town of Georgina
  • Construction of Toronto water supply cost-shared works to maintain water supplies for York Region residents

$89 million for Property Services, including:

  • Starting construction of an Administrative Centre Annex building in the Town of Newmarket to provide consolidated access to Regional Services
  • Rehabilitation and repairs to existing York Region facilities

$51 million for Community and Health Services, including:

  • Continued planning, design and construction of affordable housing in Woodbridge and Unionville
  • Expansion, rehabilitation and replacement of paramedic response stations

Capital investments have grown considerably over the past several years and expenditures are expected to remain high for the next two years.

The Regional Municipality of York consists of nine local municipalities and provides a variety of programs and services to almost 1.2 million residents, 50,000 businesses and 580,000 employees. More information about the Region’s key service areas is available at

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