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2020 Capital budget highlights

Newmarket – York Regional Council has approved a $3.3 billion budget for 2020, which includes capital spending of $826 million.

This budget includes two types of spending: new projects to meet the needs of our growing communities, and renewal of existing resources and assets to continue providing reliable service.

Well-maintained infrastructure, including transit, roads, water and wastewater systems, ensures York Region continues to provide an excellent quality of life for those who live, work and play in our growing communities.

To achieve this, York Regional Council approved the 2019 to 2023 Strategic Plan: From Vision to Results. This plan helps guide the decision-making needed to manage the Region’s economic vitality, healthy communities, sustainable environment and good government.

Highlights of the 2020 capital budget:

Transportation Services and York Region Rapid Transit Corporation: $448 million

  • Advancing preliminary design and engineering of the Yonge Subway Extension
  • Accelerating 14 roads capital projects to address transportation needs in the busiest areas of York Region
  • Initiating a pilot project at four intersections to enhance pedestrian safety through improved signage and more walking time for pedestrian crossings

Environmental Services: $196 million

  • Investing to increase and maintain water and wastewater networks to meet the needs of the growing population
  • Continuing on the modifications to the York Durham Sewage System Forcemain Twinning
  • Expanding green space and green infrastructure over the next 10 years

Community and Health Services: $68 million

  • Completing one affordable housing project and ongoing construction on two additional buildings
  • Investing in the construction of four new Paramedic response stations and replacement of two existing stations to maintain response time targets
  • Improving service delivery and ensuring long-term care resident safety by implementing new and updated technology, including a nurse call system
  • Initiating work to replace York Region’s emergency housing shelter for men

Corporate Management and Governance: $62 million

  • Leveraging technology to improve customer service and streamline operations using digital solutions
  • Capital investments in Regional facilities improving efficient service delivery to residents
  • Working with York Regional Police on a secure, self-serve portal to allow defendants to download electronic disclosure materials

The 2020 budget also includes a $7.1 billion 10-year capital plan to 2029.

Information on York Region’s 2020 budget, including operating and capital backgrounders and an infographic, is available at

The Regional Municipality of York consists of nine local cities and towns, and provides a variety of programs and services to 1.2 million residents and 52,000 businesses with 636,000 employees. More information about the Region’s key service areas is available at


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