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Statement from York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson on Federal Gas Tax Funding

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On behalf of York Regional Council and The Regional Municipality of York, I thank Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau for accelerating the Gas Tax Fund payment for 2020, making it a lump sum payment rather than two installments as in past years.

On behalf of York Region and our 1.2 million residents who rely on our services every day, we appreciate this financial support to help with local recovery efforts while enabling the enhancements to high-speed broadband and improvements to water, wastewater and roads infrastructure.

This increased financial support provides further assistance as we work together to re-start the economy, support small businesses and meet the needs of all communities.

Regional Council is working closely with our Federal and Provincial partners during these unprecedented times. Additional federal support is required for all municipalities, greatly impacted by the devastating effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Wayne Emmerson

York Region Chairman and CEO

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