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Statement from York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson on the Safe Restart Agreement

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On behalf of York Regional Council and The Regional Municipality of York I wish to acknowledge and thank all levels of government for their continued commitment to support all Canadians during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The larger urban Mayors and Chairs have been meeting regularly during the pandemic and have been consistent in their approach to call on the federal and provincial governments to reach a funding agreement to support municipalities experiencing unprecedented costs and revenue losses.

Today, the Government of Canada and First Ministers reached an historic agreement that will see almost $20 billion transferred to provinces to assist with financial shortfalls due to COVID-19. Approximately $7 billion is earmarked to support Ontario and its municipalities, including York Region.

As more businesses and public spaces begin to re-open, more residents will be turning to transit to safely travel to-and-from work and other destinations. Ensuring safe, reliable and efficient travel options remains a top priority for Regional Council. Doing so within the current pandemic remains an even costlier endeavour.

On behalf of York Region and our 1.2 million residents, I thank our partners at all levels of government for their sustained support of municipalities. I look forward to continue our dialogues with our federal, provincial and municipal counterparts to ensure this funding supports the economic vitality of our communities.

Wayne Emmerson
York Region Chairman and CEO

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