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Student contest shows mental health as top issue

Students take top prizes for highlighting important health topics with the Ready, Set, Create! contest

Newmarket – The Regional Municipality of York is pleased to announce the 2017 winners of its annual Ready, Set, Create! contest. High school students from York Region were encouraged to identify health messages that matter to them and create supporting promotional posters. York Region Public Health received more than 100 submissions from over 120 students across York Region, with many highlighting youth and mental health.

First place poster

First place – Luca Ferrari and Dharma Capitao

You might be smiling on the outside, but how do you feel on the inside? This first place poster recognizes people can feel a range of emotions –  you shouldn’t assume how they are feeling based on appearances.

Second place poster

Second place (tie) – Alexander Duggan
If you feel like you are losing control or direction, remember you are still on your journey. This poster encourages students to seek support when they feel like their life is “crumbling before their eyes.”

Second place poster

Second place (tie) – Lynn Noda
Social anxieties, cyber-bullying and quality of sleep – is technology affecting your mental health? This poster empowers students to ask for help if they feel like technology is impacting their mental health.

Third place poster

Third place – Lucero Paltin
You may feel like a puppet on strings when you do everything to please others. This poster inspires youth to talk about mental health and increase awareness of healthy coping strategies.

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