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A statement from York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson on the TTC Yonge Subway Extension

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The TTC Yonge Subway Extension to the Richmond Hill / Langstaff Urban Growth Centre at Highway 7 in Richmond Hill remains our Council’s number one priority. Vital subway service on this high-volume transit corridor is desperately needed to alleviate congestion and remove the large number of bus traffic which is carrying thousands of commuters every day to their destinations. 
York Region has long stated work on this subway extension should begin now and work should be in tandem with Toronto’s Downtown Relief Line project. Geotechnical testing along the route is on-going, but advancing full construction is required with appropriate funding from our senior government partners. We continue to look forward to these discussions. 
Transportation initiatives across our Region are highlighted throughout our approved 2019 budget, our 10-year capital plan and Council’s commitment for a new accelerated roads capital reserve to bring additional roads projects forward.

Wayne Emmerson
Chairman and CEO
The Regional Municipality of York

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