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York Regional Council approves 2019 $3.2 billion budget and endorses a three-year outlook

Budget includes new reserve to accelerate additional roads construction

Newmarket – York Regional Council has approved the 2019 $3.2 billion budget, the first year of a four-year budget coinciding with the current term of Council.

The 2019 budget includes the following:

  • Tax increase of 2.96%
  • Additional 1% tax levy towards a new reserve to accelerate roads construction

The tax increase of 2.96% has been reduced by 0.41% compared to the initially tabled budget representing savings of $4.44 million. The combined 3.96% tax increase for 2019 will add approximately $95 to the average residential property bill.

“The 2019 budget represents sound financial management and planning over the next four years,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “It allows our communities to grow in a sustainable manner, supports key services such as York Regional Police, Paramedic Services and York Region Transit, and helps us maintain and enhance our infrastructure.”

Keeping commuters moving within traffic is top-of-mind of our residents. Throughout this term of Council, York Region will continue to heavily invest in roads and transportation services. The Roads Capital Acceleration Reserve will be dedicated to accelerating construction on numerous roads projects identified in the capital plan.

The budget includes an outlook for the remaining three years of this Council term with an annual tax levy increase of 2.96% from 2020 to 2022, which is inclusive of contributions to the Roads Capital Acceleration Reserve.

“Preparing a multi-year budget helps align projects with the Region’s four-year Strategic Plan and provides greater clarity regarding programs and associated funding in future years,” said Town of Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow, Chair of Finance and Administration. “This four-year budget enhances fiscal discipline and allows the Region to develop and share with our residents a better estimate of future tax levies required to support our Regional services.”

Highlights of the 2019 budget include:

  • Planning and design of the  Yonge Subway Extension into the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Centre, a critical link in a comprehensive transit system
  • Continuing the build-out of YorkNet’s fibre network and extending coverage into the Region’s under-served areas 
  • Implementing a new funding model to increase the Region’s  Community Investment Fund by $850,000 over four years to provide more stability to community agencies who work with low to moderate income residents of York Region
  • Hiring 45 new York Regional Police officers and eight civilian staff to ensure the Region is further prepared for cannabis legalization, and to address overall needs associated with workload and growth 
  • Hiring 12 new Paramedics to respond to the needs of a growing and aging population
  • Implementing a new Regional Forest Plan, balancing public use of the York Regional Forest with ecological needs 
  • Funding and administering more than 6,700 social housing units owned and managed by Housing York Inc. and other community housing providers
  • Continuing work on the Upper York Sewage Solutions Project to meet anticipated growth needs in the municipalities of East Gwillimbury, Newmarket and Aurora

Additional information regarding the 2019 budget can be found in the following documents:

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