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York Region creates Business Recovery Support Partnership in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Collaboration focuses on current needs of the business community, with an eye on recovery

Newmarket – The Regional Municipality of York is collaborating with economic development stakeholders and industry leaders from across York Region to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Economic vitality remains a key priority for York Regional Council and is fundamental in maintaining a prosperous Region,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “Right now, more than ever, the success of our residents and businesses relies within the strength of collaboration and partnerships. We are stronger, together, as we all support and promote economic resiliency and recovery.”

The York Region Business Recovery Support Partnership comprises York Region, economic development teams from our nine cities and towns, local Chambers of Commerce / Boards of Trade, the Workforce Planning Board of York Region, York Region Business Coalition and ventureLAB.

The group will:

  • Conduct ongoing economic impact assessments
  • Streamline business advisory supports
  • Develop coordinated communications

Four sub-groups will focus on the following areas:

  • Crisis response supply chain
  • Business advisory services
  • Agriculture and agri-food
  • Tourism, arts and culture

Sub-groups will be comprised of economic development and industry representatives from across York Region to lead and participate in various recovery-oriented initiatives. A number of these are already operating and further outreach is underway.
The work of this partnership continues to support many of the activities already in progress by the individual group members, including:

  • Identifying suppliers of personal protective equipment
  • Discussions with federal and provincial ministries, providing York Region-specific feedback from the business community
  • Discussions with other economic development groups such as York Region’s Innovation Centre
  • Participation in the GTA-wide economic development working group
  • Supporting the York Region Business Coalition, a collaborative with the nine municipal Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce to hear concerns within the business community

Partnership members continue to re-tool the services they deliver and evaluate the needs of the business communities during and post-pandemic.

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The Regional Municipality of York consists of nine local cities and towns and provides a variety of programs and services to 1.4 million residents and 54,000 businesses with over 650,000 employees. More information about the Region’s key service areas is available at

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