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York Region delivers smart tools for waste reduction

SM4RT Living Plan on track to complete all 32 initiatives by the end of 2017

Newmarket – York Region is helping residents live “SM4RT” one habit at a time with innovative ways to tackle the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) when managing waste. 

An update on the 2016 SM4RT Living Plan shows all 32 initiatives are on track to be completed by the end of 2017.

“We all have a role to play in reducing the amount of waste produced, and the SM4RT Living Plan is giving residents some valuable tools for the job,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “In 2016, waste generation dropped in all nine cities and towns. This demonstrates the great work being done to support a sustainable environment, now and for generations to follow.”

The SM4RT Living Plan identifies more than 60 initiatives that set the course for managing waste in our communities over the next 25 to 40 years. A total of 32 initiatives were identified for the first five years of the plan. By the end of 2016, the Region and local municipal partners had launched 24 of the 32 initiatives.

York Region’s nine cities and towns actively participate in waste reduction pilots and programs. Initiatives launched or expanded in 2016 and 2017 include:

  • Curbside swapping events involving three municipalities
  • Textile collection
  • Trash Blasters school program to promote waste reduction and recycling

  • Backyard composting programs

“York Region continues to rank first among urban municipalities in Ontario for waste diversion from landfill,” said City of Vaughan Regional Councillor Mario Ferri, Chair of Environmental Services. “This collaborative effort with our partner municipalities to deliver pilots and expand programs is an efficient use of resources and continues to put us at the forefront of sustainable waste management.”

In 2018, the Region will conduct a review update to the SM4RT Living Plan and identify new actions and targets for the next five years. 

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To learn more about ways York Region is helping residents join the conversation and take action on managing waste, watch the SM4RT Living video.

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