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York Region encourages residents to go beyond Earth Day with everyday actions

Newmarket – Small actions can add up to have a big impact. During Earth Day and Earth Week, York Region is asking residents to consider taking some everyday actions to benefit the environment and our health. York Region is dedicated to sustaining and protecting our environment now and for the future. It’s one of the ways we celebrate the Earth, all year long.

York Region residents have a strong history of participating in community-focused programs. It’s no wonder the Region is leading the way when it comes to sustainable ways to manage waste, achieving 93% diversion from landfill. Even beyond reducing and reusing, Earth Week 2019 looks at various activities that support environmental conservation and protection.

Here are some everyday actions you can participate in, as well as some York Region resources to help form new environmentally friendly habits.

“Bee” friendly – The theme of Earth Day 2019 is Protect Our Species which encourages everyone to protect endangered and threatened species such as bees. Plants need bees to pollinate, making bees indispensable pollinators of most ecosystems. Help support pollinators by planting a bee-friendly garden.

Plant something – Get outside and participate in a tree planting event in your community or your backyard. Join us for a tree planting for this year’s Community Tree Planting Festival on May 11 or purchase your own composter at the Backyard Sale. Be sure to order by May 8, and pick up on May 11.

Use less plastic – Cut down on the reliance of single-use plastics by skipping things like single-use straws, coffee pods, food wraps and plastic bags and opt for a reusable one instead. Did you know Ontarians use an estimated seven million plastic bags each day, that’s about 80 bags per second and plastic can take up to 1,000 years to break down. York Region’s Plastic Bag Take-Back program allows residents to bring their plastic bags back to retailers to be recycled and reduces the number of bags sent to landfill.

Drink more water – York Region’s drinking water is dripping with success! There’s a clean, healthy alternative right from our taps. York Region’s water is monitored around the clock to ensure it is safe, clean and in compliance with the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards. From a cost perspective, one litre of municipally supplied tap water costs about $0.001. A litre of bottled water costs about $1.50, plus the cost to dispose of the bottle.

Waste less food – Simple actions like packing your lunch in reusable containers helps reduce how much food and plastic waste you create each day. Visit for tips on meal planning, food storage and shopping habits that can make a big impact on your yearly grocery bill while cutting down on the wasted food going in the green bin.

Opt for transit or bike – Every time you choose transit, you make a positive impact on the environment. One bus can replace 40 cars on the road. Cycling is another quick, smart and environmentally-friendly form of transportation. It’s also great way to get out, get active and explore York Region.

Do you have other helpful tips to share? Join us on social media and use #loveyr to share some of your everyday actions and celebrate Earth Week all year long.

The Regional Municipality of York consists of nine local cities and towns and provides a variety of programs and services to 1.2 million residents and 52,000 businesses with over 636,600 employees. More information about the Region’s key service areas is available at

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