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Change in Hospital Visitation Policies

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As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our communities, more stringent measures must be taken to keep staff and vulnerable patients safe. Similar to how long-term care homes have implemented strict visitor policies to protect vulnerable residents, each hospital in York Region has updated their visitation policies to better protect staff and patients from COVID-19.

Make sure to confirm a hospital’s visitation policy before going. You can find more details on each hospital’s visitor policy below:

We know visitors are important to patients, however we must refocus our efforts in preventing the spread of the virus and protecting vulnerable residents in York Region.

Following public health guidelines is now more important than ever to limit COVID-19 transmission in our communities. This includes:

  • Remembering to maintain 2 metres of physical distancing from others
  • Practices proper hand hygiene
  • Wearing a mask or face covering in indoor public settings, including throughout hospitals, or on transit
  • Staying home as much as possible

Going back to following the basic public health guidelines is critical in stopping the spread of this virus. If we can refocus our efforts and reduce cases, eventually we will be able to more safely visit loved ones in hospitals and long-term care again.

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