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Connecting Caregivers Workshop in a Box

Every year, more than three million Ontarians provide support to a family member or friend who may be ill, have a mental health issue or disability, or face age-related challenges.

York Region’s Connecting Caregivers Workshop recognizes and acknowledges the important role caregivers, health care providers and community agencies play in supporting other caregivers. The workshop, held in the spring, links these groups with available services and supports as well as current research, best practices and practical assessment tools.

Now, the Region has introduced its new Connecting Caregivers Workshop in a Box; a tool that helps local programs and organizations such as libraries, community centres and places of worship, further connect with caregivers in their communities.

The tool includes key caregiver presentations, supporting resources and a guide on how to conduct the workshops. It offers an easy, no-cost way for caregivers to feel connected and access resources they may not otherwise know about; and offering it in local communities means caregivers have minimal travel and time commitment requirements.

The Connecting Caregivers Workshop in a Box tool is now available! To learn more about this tool, or for organizations interested in acquiring a kit, or participating in a lunch-and-learn session, contact Seniors Community Programs at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 73472 or email us at

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