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Corporate Asset Management Policy

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York Region has updated its Corporate Asset Management Policy providing a coordinated and affordable approach to managing over $11 billion in Regional assets.

More than 90 per cent of the Region’s assets are included in departmental asset management plans. Some of these plans account for core infrastructure such as roads, bridges, treatment and conveyance of water and wastewater systems and storm management systems. Plans which incorporate the balance of the Region’s assets are well underway.

Over the last five years, the Region has continued to grow its asset base and put programs in place to manage these important resources through all life-cycle phases.

Some of the policy updates include:

  • Making decisions based on life-cycle data of the asset to maximize its value
  • Aligning asset management planning with climate change mitigation approaches and the development of the Region’s Climate Change Action Plan
  • Integrating industry standards and best practices while balancing asset cost, performance and risk 

The Corporate Asset Management Policy is well aligned with the Region’s asset management practices and ensures responsible stewardship while continuing to provide services in a sustainable way.

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