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Don't Throw Clothes in the Garbage! Bring it to a Depot.

Textile collection bins now available at certain York Region waste depots

Bring it to a waste depot

Whether you’re tired of wearing the same old clothes or your clothes no longer seem to fit right, there may come a time when you want to get rid of those items. The important thing to remember here is don’t throw them in the garbage!

York Region has partnered with Diabetes Canada to make donating your unwanted clothing and other fabric items like sheets, towels and drapes a little bit easier by providing convenient donation bins at the following waste depots:

  • Elgin Mills CEC, 1124 Elgin Mills Road East, Richmond Hill
  • Georgina Transfer Station, 23068 Warden Avenue, Georgina
  • McCleary Court CEC, 130 McCleary Court, Vaughan

You can drop off unwanted clothing and other fabrics including accessories and bags, clothing, curtains, general household textiles (towels, blankets and sheets), shoes and boots as well as sleeping bags.

For more details on what is accepted at these York Region waste depots visit

When clothing and other fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton break down they can produce harmful greenhouse gases, while synthetic fibers like polyester never biodegrade and can take up space in landfills forever.

Here are a few easy ways to reduce your clothing / textile waste:

  • Buy less or only buy items you need
  • Choose higher quality items, made to last longer
  • Shop for clothing at vintage shops / consignment stores
  • Take care and repair at a local Repair Cafe
  • Swap or share your unwanted items with friends and family
  • Swap or sell your items online – there are many easy-to-use online platforms available 
  • Take it back – various companies now offer clothing take-back programs
  • Donate – many charities offer donation centres, pick-up service and drop-off bins

You can also use the Bindicator, an online directory for all your waste related questions.

To find out more about the impacts your fashion choices may have and what you can do to reduce your clothing and textile waste visit

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