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Early Years Support Services Registry (EYSSR)

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Are you a health, early learning and child care professional working with infants and children from birth to age six?

We are excited to launch the Early Years Support Services Registry (EYSSR)! The EYSSR is a newly developed resource for health, early learning and child care professionals in York Region who wish to refer a child from birth to age six or their family for support services. This resource was developed collaboratively with partners from across York Region to provide health, early learning and child care professionals with easy access to up-to-date information and direct links to the support services found in our community.

This resource provides information about funded programs and services available in York Region and includes details regarding eligibility and referral under the following categories:

  • Child Development
    Contains information regarding programs and services related to child development, including early intervention, speech and language, physical and occupational therapy and more.
  • Child Mental Health
    Contains information about programs and services that are available to young children and their families that are focused on mental, social-emotional, and behavioural health including parenting programs, mental health, counselling services and many more.
  • Family Support and Training
    Contains information regarding parent and caregiver support, skill building, as well as education and training opportunities. These include parenting programs, seminars, counselling, early intervention and many more.
  • Child Care Supports
    Information listed in this section includes resources to support enhanced childcare funding and include child care consultation support, workshops and training opportunities.
  • Funding Supports
    Services and information listed in this section include resources regarding financial support and assistance for children and families in various circumstances. 
  • Screening Tools
    This section includes screening tools that are available to health professionals and their clients.

Have questions about the new EYSSR?
If you have any questions about the EYSSR, please contact York Region Health Connection, which provides up-to-date, accurate public health-related information to York Region residents, organizations and health care providers and can help connect you with the resources you need. Public health professionals offer confidential information and advice on public health-related topics, resources, services and other community programs.

Accessing Health Connection
Phone: 1-800-361-5653
TTY: 1-866-512-6228 (for the deaf or hard of hearing)

911 is always the first number you should call during emergency situations.

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